Today’s Birthday Girl is Jenny Little, Skincare Education Manager and Esthetician at Hiatus Spa + Retreat.

Happy birthday! How are you celebrating this year? 
I celebrated by taking my fav yoga class, getting a massage and going out for martinis and oysters. I like to take myself to dinner and journal about the last year and look at the upcoming year in terms of trips I want to take and goals I want to accomplish. My friends also threw me a really fun pool party!
How many candles are you blowing out? 
What’s on your birthday wish list? 
I really would love one of these LED Esthetics Mask. I have heard amazing things about these infrared mats! This body butter is a dream and smells like literal vacation!
You are a Skincare Education Manager and Esthetician at Hiatus Spa + Retreat.
How is skin care important to our overall health and wellness? 
I look at skincare as a whole body approach. So what we put on our skin in the way of serums and creams is just as important as what we put in our bodies and the quality of our thoughts.
What’s your background? 
I was raised in Texas and went to art school in Savannah. After graduation I moved to NYC. Living in NYC sort of forces you into the wellness industry! LOL. I shortly moved to Colorado and got certified in yoga teaching and that led me down the path to skincare.
What sets Hiatus Spa + Retreat apart?
The details. We have so many touch points that make us different. The Aveda tea, the luxurious foot soaks before treatments and the quality of products. 
Single most effective monthly service one can get? 
A chemical peel!
Favorite service at Hiatus Spa + Retreat? 
The Optimist Facial! It is a dream! You leave feeling relaxed and glowing!
What are your anti-aging secrets? 
Gua sha daily! Drink tons of water and eat lots of healthy fats.
Tell us about the neighborhood where Hiatus Spa + Retreat is located and why it is a good fit for the brand. 
All of the Hiatus locations are in super cool and unique neighborhoods. I travel to all of them quarterly and love to visit each one. My favorite Dallas location is The Hill, pictured below, right next to that location is the coolest toy store in the world! I always stop there to pick up something for my 9 year old when I visit.
Photo: Inkedfingers. Want to be the next Tidbits Birthday Girl? Tell us why at advertising@gotidbits.com.

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