Today’s Tidbits Birthday Girl is Chef Jamie ‘Jae’ Warrick, the new chef of product development for Camellia Brand, Dagostino Pasta and Gulf Coast Blenders. 

Happy Birthday, Chef Jamie! What’s the best thing about having an August bday?
I share the birthday month with my Dad (3rd) and now my son (15th).
Finish this sentence: Food equals _____.
Most exciting thing about being the new chef of product development for Camellia BrandDagostino Pasta and Gulf Coast Blenders?
I love the idea of getting to constantly try out new ideas and making them come to life. It’s different every day, so I enjoy the constant variety!
What’s uniquely special about being a chef in New Orleans?
New Orleans easily gets an awesome reputation as a food destination city, so being a chef in the city comes with a lot of instant oohhs and aaahhhhs. However, being born and raised in New Orleans, and to be a chef for a brand that everyone knows and loves in the city, is like a NOLA badge of honor.
Do you remember the first dish you ever mastered?
Yes, it was potato salad. It’s my favorite side because it’s a great accompaniment with a lot of dishes, and it’s easy to mess up. But a great potato salad can carry a whole dish!
Favorite recipe to cook for friends and family?
Red beans and rice, gumbo or smoked ribs/wings.
How did you know you wanted to become a chef?
I’ve literally never wanted to be anything other than a chef. However, being a research and development chef/scientist is like unlocking a new level to chef life that I didn’t know existed when I decided to be a chef as a child.
What are your favorite New Orleans phrases or words?
“Waaahhhnnnn!” “Say lah brudda!” “Wuzzam wit it!” “Laissez les bon temps rouler!”…Ha ha ha ha! I’m cracking up because I know there will be some that read it and say, ‘What is she saying?’ and there will be others who know EXACTLY what I mean. If you know, you know.
Best place for an al fresco picnic in town?
City Park within the city limits. Next best is Lafreniere Park.
Must-have kitchen utensils?
A great chef knife! It all starts with the knife cuts.
Go-to apron?
Chef Works Corvallis Chefs Bib Apron. I love the fit!
Neighborhood you call home.
I am from the 9th ward, and that’s gonna always be home and where my heart is! But I currently call the 7th ward home.
Favorite cooking TV series, movies or podcasts?
If you haven’t seen The Bear on Hulu yet, you absolutely need to watch it. That is the most accurate depiction of a real restaurant kitchen that I’ve ever seen. I don’t know who all they consulted for reference, but they got it right! Awesome job to the entire cast!
It’s midnight and you have friends visiting from out of town. Go-to late night meal?
Nachos or tacos! It’s the perfect late-night food. Of course, I’m talking beyond queso and chips. We’re having cotija cheese, pickled onion and serrano peppers garnished on a barbacoa taco. Chipotle crema for a little razzle dazzle, lol! Black bean puree is a must if we’re going the nacho route.
What is on your bday wishlist?
Tickets to see Usher in Las Vegas, a Lang BBQ Smokers 36″ Smoker Cooker Series Customized Smoker and Zwilling Kramer – Euroline Stainless Damascus Collection 8-inch, Chef’s Knife.
What’s your sign and do you identify with it?
I am your favorite Virgo lol!

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