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Olamaie chef Michael Fojtasek opens celebration-inspired Maie Day at the South Congress Hotel in the former home of Central Standard.

The idea of another skinny margarita summer is making you snore. 

Shake up your bar repertoire at Maie Day, now open at the South Congress Hotel. Anchored by a stunning mural by Xavier Schipani, below, the modern day chophouse offers a robust menu of euphorics, low alcohol and Earlybird CBD sips along with real-deal cocktails. Consider from-the-earth options like the Still Austin gin and blueberry peaflower-infused Garden Variety, black pepper-laced Framboise Au Poivre or The House In The Tall Grass to pair with your seafood starters, grilled whole fish, steaks and plentiful vegetarian-friendly sides. 

Makes me wanna coupe. 

Photos: Mackenzie Smith Kelley

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