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Today’s Tidbits Birthday Girl is Katie Campbell, Founder & CEO of My AfterLife. Each month we celebrate a local business owner on her special day.

Happy birthday! How are you celebrating? 
Exploring Seattle for the first time with my boyfriend! I’m usually low key on my Christmas-ish birthday, so this is a treat to get out of town with my person.
How many candles are you blowing out? 
44. I love even numbers.
What’s on your wish list? 
Obviously I want everyone to sign up for a My AfterLife account, but I’d settle for some concert tickets, Italian red wine, or some QT with long-lost friends or new connections over coffee!
You founded My AfterLife, a digital time capsule of memories, wishes, and vital information for your loved ones. What inspired you to start the company? 
Three years ago, my brother-in-law Paul told me over drinks, “I want them to play ‘What a Wonderful World’ at my funeral,” which got my wheels turning. I couldn’t find any existing service like I had in mind: a Dropbox for death. So I set out to create a secure, private cloud storage platform that you could intentionally update: think wills, wishes, music, memories, parting words — get specific.
What’s your background? 
I’m approaching 20 years in medical sales. I have worked for all the major laboratories, and still work as a rep in my 9-5 life. I enjoy the daily challenges of managing a large territory for a fabulous small company, while promoting a unique biomarker for cancer patients.
You started My AfterLife with your friend Lauren. What’s the best part of working with a friend? 
She’s not afraid to disagree with me, and makes me see things from another angle. She’s one of the most creative, dynamic, and loyal people I have ever met. We are both neuro-divergent (ADHD) and truly understand each other’s chaotic work rhythms.
You help customers celebrate a life well lived by allowing them to list curated wishes for their end of life celebrations. Have you attended a particularly memorable end of life celebration? 
Sadly my friend Samantha Walter passed away last month at age 41 from metastatic breast cancer. Her service was standing room only, a first class tribute with multiple heartfelt speeches and everyone in bright colors, at her request. Afterwards, there was a fabulous private party at Fusion Taco, with an open bar, delicious food (and valet, duh), scored by her hand-picked upbeat playlist and lots of well-wishers there to celebrate her short but action-packed existence. It was a profound and inspiring day, totally curated by Samantha.
First thing you do when you wake up, last thing at night? 
I have two precious dogs so they are my first priority in the morning, and I am striving to have a skincare regimen at night.
People would be surprised to learn this about me… 
I am on my 17th vehicle. Several were fleet cars but I am losing track by now (just one totaled!).
Three local businesses you love supporting? 
ViSpa massage in Bellaire (Victor Roberts); Bare Necessities for a great facial; and if you’re having a party or getting married use for all your alcohol catering needs.
Three apps you can’t live without in my job:  
TimeHop, Canva, BetterHelp
New book you can’t wait to devour? 
Rich AF by Vivian Tu, I like her style.
Mantra you live (or work) by. 
Life is short: take the trip, buy the shoes, eat the cake.
What’s your most memorable birthday celebration ever? 
Went to Cartagena, Colombia in 2019 for my 40th with nine friends. What a trip!
Go-to perfume. 
I am loving Boy Smells Broken Rosary (their candles are yummy too).
First job ever. 
I was a “chaos coordinator” at Pine Cove camps as a senior in high school… I made $450 for 5 weeks and was a glorified maintenance person. It built character for sure.
What is your sign and do you identify with it? 
According to my birth chart I’m a Sagittarius: “curious, honest, adventurous, funny, impatient, optimistic, blunt, boastful, imaginative and passionate”, with a “jolly personality”, and our #1 value is freedom; I fully endorse these adjectives, but feel free to phone my friends.
Photo: @portraitstothepeople. Want to be the next Tidbits Birthday Girl? Tell us why at

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