Today’s Tidbits Birthday Girl is Jessica Siefert, founder and owner of Succulent Bar. 

Happy Birthday! How many candles are you blowing out this year?
How are you celebrating?
Hosting my daughter’s 6th birthday party. We have A LOT of November birthdays. Mine is 11/19, hers is 11/25 and my hubby’s is 11/30. Not to mention, having to squeeze Thanksgiving in there! My hubby and I did buy ourselves a 12-foot Christmas tree as a bday gift for each other. That baby has 4,000 LED lights and is pure magic! 
What’s on your birthday wish list?
Luckily, I have access to anything from Succulent Bar Shop that my heart desires 😉. Other than that, as lame as this sounds, the older I get my wishes and prayers are saved for things like health, happiness, security, peace, things like that. 
You are the founder and owner of Succulent Bar. Tell us about your background before starting Succulent Bar?  
I was an event planner for about 10 years prior to starting this biz. I started out as a wedding planning assistant in college, was a catering and events coordinator for a restaurant for several years, then went into venue management for Austin Music Hall (which was a BLAST). I was lucky enough to plan events for President Obama, Avicii, Ted Talks, and so many other very talented groups/artists.
Why did you start Succulent Bar?  
Totally by accident. I was selling potted succulents on local Facebook groups (like Memorial Trading) and farmers markets as a hobby. We created a Succulent Bar Facebook page, and then people from all over the nation started reaching out to us for various succulent related things. We said yes to literally everything and then became a “real” business after the fact. 
As boss lady and plant whisperer, you’ve grown your company since 2017. What are you most excited about?  
I am very excited (but mostly grateful) that we discovered a love for virtual planting events.  Pre-Covid, we did nothing but in-person events within our local community. Covid opened this whole new world of virtual events that obviously didn’t exist prior. These virtual events have allowed us the opportunity to get this business in front of people nationwide, in a capacity I would have never thought possible. It emphasized the importance of the e-commerce side of this biz which has turned into a large focus of ours over the past two years.
What’s your go-to cocktail for in-person and virtual Succulent Bar events?
Truly and white wine. I realize how lame I am, trust me 😉.
Have you always had a green thumb?
NO WAY. This plant journey has been something I have learned over the course of owning this company. You do not become an expert on something overnight. It takes time, practice and trial and error. That said, my mom owned a plant nursery when I was growing up, and I learned a lot from her through the years, so I wasn’t starting from scratch by any means.
Number one thing we’re doing wrong when trying to keep succulents alive in our homes.  
Overwatering. Most succulents preferred to be watered once or twice a month. 
You just launched a new website offering gift boxes with hundreds of pretty products to choose from. With the holiday season upon us, what’s your favorite gift to give?
potted succulent or dried floral arrangement because I know it’s something that will be used and not just stuffed in a closet or left in the box. Ultimately, I love providing a service that can help someone celebrate a special moment or provide comfort in a time of need. Being able to read people’s gift messages is so heartwarming and reminds you that in a world that feels really bad sometimes there is still a lot of hope, kindness and love that exists all around us. It is truly an honor to be witness of these intimate exchanges between people and is always a wonderful reminder that good often prevails.
Favorite thing to plant in your own home garden. 
I, of course, have a TON of succulents in my greenhouse which I love to admire. Outside of succulents, I have a lot of trailing star jasmine everywhere and am looking forward to seeing my Peggy Martin roses flourish next year. I have been trying to up my houseplant game and love learning what environment each variety thrives best in. Becoming knowledgeable in something takes time and patience, and I put in the necessary work in this department.
Favorite succulent trend. 
Succulent Event Favors and Succulent Gift Boxes for all occasions. Succulent Terrariums are also very popular. Most people use the terminology incorrectly – asking for a “terrarium” but not fully understanding the difference between a potted succulent arrangement and an actual terrarium container. Here are some of the terrariums we offer—from elegant gold terrariums, farmhouse style terrariums and even more simple fish bowl terrarium containers.
You offer customization. Clever ways you’ve seen succulents used as a gift or in event display?
One of the best parts about succulents are all the creative ways of which you can arrange them. From planting them in teacups, gluing them onto pumpkins, making succulent headbands, boutonnieres, bouquets, the list goes on.
You offer dried floral events where you make your dried floral arrangement or centerpiece. What will be on your Thanksgiving table this year?
Don’t judge me! I skipped Thanksgiving and decorated for Christmas the first week of November. I do LOVE this fall inspired dried floral arrangement that I had on my table all of September and October. 
Neighborhood you call home and why you love it.
We live in Green Trails which is technically in Houston but basically Katy (Fry and I-10). I moved out to the suburbs kicking and screaming but it has DEFINITELY grown on me. The public schools out here are fantastic and the bang for your buck on real estate is unbeatable. Family life is top of mind out here, which has made it so easy to make friends that are in a similar phase of life as we are. 
Three local businesses you love supporting.
Exquisite Details by Raquel – her backdrops pair perfectly with our Succulent Bar set-ups.
Yellow Rose Calligraphy – has helped us personalize lots of products for customers over the years.
Glamfetti – love her party décor, that we sell a small sample of at Succulent Bar Store.
Three apps you can’t live without in my job.
Quickbooks Online – invoicing and great for tracking expenses on the go.
Loom – video recording app which is super helpful when quickly trying to visually communicate something to a vendor or client.
Later – not just to manage social media posts, but to upload pics into the media library so they don’t get lost in the shuffle.
Mantra you live by? 
Each day do your best and in God’s hands leave the rest.
First thing you do when you wake up, last thing at night.
First thing = Hug my babies. Last thing = kiss my husband and say my prayers.
First job ever.
Sandy McGee’s Restaurant in Richmond, TX. Which is still around and is incredible. BEST broccoli cheese soup ever!
One thing people would be surprised to learn about you?
I had a surprise wedding. Everyone thought Marcus and I were going to elope in Costa Rica and they were attending our engagement party. Low and behold, it was a full-on wedding. 
What is your sign and do you identify with it?
Scorpio and yes I identify with my sign big time. Scorpios are very intense people, and we sure know how to spot each other out. On the positive side of Scorpio traits, I am very determined, ambitious and passionate. On the negative side, I am controlling, stubborn and jealous at times. Hey, we are all perfectly flawed humans aren’t we.  
Your daily uniform?
Leggings, oversized shirt, hair up, no makeup. Yes, a total Sexy Plant Goddess from head to toe, lol.
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