Today’s Tidbits Birthday Girl is Elizabeth Dansby, the Co-founder and Co-owner of Annét Chatoyer. Each month we celebrate a local business owner on her special day.

Happy Birthday! How many candles are you blowing out this year? 
How are you celebrating your birthday? 
The best way possible… with my family and a glass of bubbles!
What’s on your birthday wish list?
Can I say tropical vacation??
You launched Annét Chatoyer in 2020 with the goal to create pieces for the self empowerment you want to inspire in all women. What does statement jewelry mean to you?
Statement jewelry is a way to channel my personality in an everyday setting without having to use any words.
The name Annét Chatoyer has French influence with Chatoyer meaning “shimmer” in French. Where does the French influence come from?
My mom’s family has a heavy French influence, and I grew up with a strong French culture that I truly identify myself with.
What sets French women’s style apart?
French women do their own thing and they don’t let anyone sway them! Their style is a reflection of that, and AC’s mission is strongly driven by that mentality as well!
Describe the woman who wears Annét Chatoyer. 
Colorful, confident, go-getter.
Favorite piece of jewelry from the current collection? 
I love the Hope Hoops, they’re so fun and colorful!
What sets your brand apart?
I think our slow fashion approach to obtain quality for each piece we put out is definitely at the top of the list. We use artisans from around the world to achieve this tactic and it’s definitely something that we’re proud of!
Tell us about the materials used in your jewelry.
We utilize glass quality crystals and beads to ensure the bright and fun colors of our products, as well as silk threads to contribute to a clean finished look… just to name a few.
Bestseller to date.
Barbe Nicole feathered earrings (pictured below). It’s such a versatile piece… and fun too!

Breakfast, lunch and dinner, where are we most likely to find you?
Breakfast: Starbucks
Lunch: a taqueria (specifically Taqueria Charros de Jalisco on RedBluff in Pasadena… it’s too good)
Dinner: Steak night on my back porch!
Neighborhood you call home?
We currently live in Mont Belvieu. I loved being a city girl, but truthfully this is the best place for us. We’re exactly halfway between the city and “back home,” that makes it easy for our family to have, what we consider, the best of both worlds!
Your daily uniform?
Business casual for my day job, worn with AC, of course…then straight to Nike shorts and a t-shirt (you can take the girl out of 2010…).
Always in your bag.
Charlotte Tilbury Lip Bath
Podcasts you’re addicted to.
The Morning Toast, Absolutely Not, and Wife of Crime… when I catch up on all three… it’s a boring day.
Mantra you live (or work) by. 
“How hard can it be?”
First thing you do when you wake up, last thing at night.
Lately, I’ve really been intentional about relishing in the sunshine and quiet time. Couldn’t end a day without kissing and cuddling my baby girl!
Best concert ever.
Backstreet Boys! At the Compaq Center!!
Something people would be surprised to learn about you?
I was the number one hearing aid sales person in the state of Texas!
What’s your most memorable birthday celebration ever?
Isla Holbox! 30th birthday and a week in paradise with my main squeeze!
What is your sign and do you identify with it?
I’m a Leo…without a doubt, Leo to the core!
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