Today’s Tidbits Birthday Girl is Cindy Meador, owner and founder of Wolfies Swim School. Each month we celebrate a local business owner on her special day.

Happy Birthday! How many candles are you blowing out this year? 
44 😩
How are you celebrating? 
At the Woodlands Resort with my youngest daughter for her 8th birthday celebration.
What’s on your birthday wish list?
Sleep and a staycation!
You opened Wolfies Swim School in 2005 after teaching swim lessons in your parents’ pool. Why is swim safety important to you? 
I grew up basically in the water. It is such an important part of my life. I want everyone to have the same love for the water that I do.
At what age did you learn to swim and how? 
I actually taught myself how to swim. I was jumping off the diving board at 18 months.
You tell parents, “I want every child to have the same experience that I had – learning to love everything about the water and how to be safe while doing it.” What do you love about swimming? 
Everything! Relaxing in the water, feeling light, and just being carefree.
What sets Wolfies apart? 
Our small group classes, exceptional customer service, and monthly give backs to our community.
You’re a mom to four wolfies, what lessons do you hope they absorb when they see you working at Wolfies?  
That hard work pays off and that it’s important to be a human that gives back.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner, where are we most likely to find you? 
Ordering DoorDash!
Favorite place to swim in Texas. 
Lake Travis!
Best type of aquatic exercise for adults. 
Swimming laps and water aerobics
Favorite stroke. 
What are the benefits of kids learning to compete in swimming or of being on a swim team? 
They get to experience healthy competition between teammates as well as camaraderie. Plus it’s great exercise!
Always in your swim bag. 
Swimsuit, towel, goggles, water bottle and my UH swim cap.
Go-to swimsuit. 
Anything from Texas Swim Shop
Three apps you can’t live without in your job.
Basecamp, Rippling and my calendar.
Mantra you live (or work) by. 
Live every day to the fullest!
First job ever.
Baskin Robbins at Westwood Mall.
Best vacation you’ve ever taken. 
Cape Town for my honeymoon.
What’s your most memorable birthday celebration ever?
My 80s-themed 30th birthday party!
One thing people would be surprised to learn about you? 
I’m a 1st generation American – my parents were born and raised in Johannesburg, South Africa.
Want to be the next Tidbits Birthday Girl? Tell us why at submissions-houston@gotidbits.com

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