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Get a glimpse of your energy field with a personalized aura portrait reading at our Tidbits Market on Sun, April 28. 

You disagreed with your horoscope so many times this month you’ve decided you’re a Libra instead of an Aries.

Take a step back from the zodiac – your true self can be found in an Aura Portrait Reading at our Tidbits Market next Sun, April 28. The gurus from local Miixed Feels will use their biosensor hand plates to measure your skin temperature and electrodermal activity. From loyal and calm blue to charming and passionate red, you’ll watch as your picture comes into focus and reveals your inner light and go home with your very own aura portrait.

Which is the only sign you need. 


Aura Reading Portrait Ticketsare $35 and include all-day access, a cocktail and a personalized aura reading. Readings last a few minutes and take place between 11 a.m – 12 p.m. or between 12 p.m. – 1 p.m. Arrive to the market during your time slot and we’ll check you in for your reading. One person per portrait, please. If you want a portrait with more than one person in the photo, please purchase multiple tickets.

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