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June 5th, 2019

The Tidbits Summer Fitness Challenge!

4 classes. 4 stylish studios. $29.

You’re loose with your drinking dollars but tight with your workout cash. 
We’ve got the most inexpensive solution to motivate an attitude shift. Introducing the next round of our fitness challenge, The Tidbits Crunch. Get 4 classes at 4 stylish studios, below, for just $29. 
Spin, Barre, Yoga. Reformer. The Tidbits Crunch is just $29 and there's a limited amount available, so hurry to get yours, then hurry to class. 
RYDE // River Oaks or Downtown
The Bar Method // Montrose
Lagree HTX // Upper Kirby 
BEYOGA // Heights
On your mark, get set, gluts. 
4 classes for $29 (total value of $112). Book classes online to take at your own schedule before August 31, 2019.

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