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January 3rd, 2015

Keep Your Pansies On

We're smitten for the new Vday-perfect product launches from FLOWER Beauty.

You'd love to get a bouquet delivery on Vday, but don't want to shove your love fortune into your coworkers' faces. 

Instead - ask him for a bouquet of FLOWER Beauty. The newest creations from our eternal girl crush and brand creator Drew Barrymore are the perfect makeup kit additions that will last far longer than a bunch of buds. Pretty up your pucker with a swipe of Pink Bouquet lip creme, hydrate your smooch with Rose Petal or Poppy Petal lip butter or add some wow to your wink with Rose Gold Dust Shadow. 

And if your cubicle mates get jealous of your guy's insight, just tell them to daffo-dil with it. 


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