PROS: Easy to set up, retains water, amends soil quickly, doesn’t mound soil like hugelkulture, breaks down faster than hugelkulture, loosens soil, increases drainage, and allows for microbes and fungi to colonize the straw and interact with plant roots. Make sure your container has good soil and drainage, which means plenty of compost! CONS: Takes some water to charge the core initially, CONTAINER GARDENING –  Most often you can get wood chips for free just by contacting your local municipal tree company. They will also save money, because they won't have to be replaced ( they can usually with stand fluctuations in the weather). The natural predators are able to do their job and rid the garden of pests. What a great post. CONVENTIONAL VEGETABLE GARDENING METHOD Conventional gardening is a method of gardening largely used by industrial agriculture systems that utilize the use of GMOs (genetically modified organisms), synthetic chemical fertilizers, pesticides, herbicides and who knows what else. Bill from Gold Coast, Australia on July 21, 2011: What an awesome lens! As a lifelong gardener, this will be a favorite of mine. An excellent presentation of sustainable gardening ideas and congratulations for being honored as one of Squidoo's best on the 2012 Earth Day Monster Board. So why do we let it run off of our property before it has a chance to soak in? The fish waste (poo) will be broken down by bacteria, turning the nitrates into nitrates that the plant can use as food. You just rake them up, put into a large plastic sack (an eco-friendly recycled one of course), tie a knot in the top, pirce with a garden fork in a few places and then leave it behind the shed until next summer. Anyone who does not compost is missing out for sure. It has great information and tips. The 3 year old taping the shoot was the best! Deb Kingsbury from Flagstaff, Arizona on October 27, 2009: This is a great list! Plants that are native to your area are already accustomed to the seasonal changes and the periods of drought and/or flooding. No special anything. Many native plants have edible fruit, berries, nuts or roots. Growing in pots is a great way to maximize space, increase productivity, or use a spot that normally would not be able to have plants grown. Ruth Stout was born in Kansas in 1894 and lived to the ripe old age of 96. Here are 10 methods that will make it easy to go green and create your own organic, sustainable garden system in your own backyard. You don’t need to live on acres of land to utilize a straw bale garden. Very nice lens, and thanks for blessing mine! Improvements in plant lighting have helped indoor gardens grow by leaps and bounds. It also sounds like a more humane way to raise a chicken. Don't Use Chemical Pesticides, Encourage Natural Predators. Placing 4-6 inches of wood chips on the soil to cover the soil and act as protection for soil bacteria, as well as retain moisture, and mulch weeds. Thanks! Indoor Gardens. i had a black csompot bin which from what i read was a popular model. It is always full of surprises - I had countless tomatoes come up last year. Mel Bartholomew is a genious! Goldenrod attracts many pollinators when it blooms in the fall. Rain gardens, swales, French drains and rain barrels or cisterns are inexpensive ways to harness and control rain water. Sustainable, organic … Rose Gardens. Land is a difficult thing to come by these days. The Back to Eden gardening method is a way to garden that recreates natures intended growing environment. The "How To Mulch" video was especially helpful, we are in the processing of planning a garden and are looking for as much good information as possible. This leads to fast growth and the ability to grow without soil. Excellent lens! Raised Bed Gardening. Many people … Well done!! Let us know in the Facebook comments what you would like to hear next from the MIgardener blog! Once ready, you then transplant the plant to a more permanent location, whereas direct seeding you plant the seeds in a more permanent location. The less of a chore it will fell to be a part of gardening. Vertical Garden is the new dimensions of indoor or outdoor growing spaces. These were all common practices years ago and its good to be teaching them to new generations for sure!...*. Then by spring, you'll have a nice planting bed for your garden. PROS: Retains moisture, amends soil over time, protects the soil from solar radiation and weathering, and suppresses weeds. The theory is that the garden is self fertilizing via the compost bin. I don't garden right now but long for the day I'll have a yard again. I like your lens .Packed with lots of good information. Amazing photography of our pollinators including hummingbirds, various bees, butterflies and insects, also bats. Conventional gardening methods can be time consuming and strenuous, but there are some excellent natural alternatives that are well worth exploring. A detailed instruction book, shredded paper and coca fiber brick comes in the kit. And lots of great links and resources--nice work! Hilling is another method used which involves placing seeds or transplants within mounded soil. Plants that have clusters of tiny flowers, like parsley, will also draw predatory wasps as well as small pollinators to the garden. Then you move the coop to another location. I had not heard the term "Lasagne Gardening" before but it is basically what I did at my old house and featured in my lens "From Lawn To Food Forest". IN-GROUND GARDENING – It is much better for you and for the environment if you use mulch from your own yard. Our #1 preferred method of gardening. In fact, when we lived in the city, we used to pick up the neighbors' bags of leaves to use in our yard and compost pile. It also meant that with just 2 hours of bed prep and planting time, we yielded over 1500 pounds of food in … The Story Behind Ruth Stout’s Method. 227 Huron Ave. Cardboard, newspaper and other non shiny paper will form the next layer. We'll top it off with some topsoil. Pretty soon instead of taking hours, mowing time was reduced to an hour or so and we did not have to water or fertilize, because the grass that we left was in the "right" place for it to grow. The coolest feature is you can let other people vote on the rankings of your list. Even if you don't, in early fall, you can layer newspapers, Starbuck's coffee grounds, grass clippings, leaves, hay, manure, kitchen scraps and other compostable materials over the grass where you want your garden to be. Vegetable farming, growing of vegetable crops, primarily for use as human food. Great lens. great tips. Great Info!! (810) 300-8845, MAILING ADDRESS We use this in combination with raised beds to provide the most amazing growing conditions for our plants. This has got me really interested in composting and lasagna gardening. But if you begin collecting it at the right time of year, you may not have to pay for it at all. They are low maintenance and cost less because they don't have to be replanted each season like annual bedding plants. Cucumbers and Swiss chard in a lasagna garden, which is mulched with leaves and pine straw. They do an excellent job of fertilising and turning the soil and in general preparing the bed for the next planting. From balcony gardens to patio gardens, this method is popular and fun! We also let them out each day to forage. Excellent lens. Our current choice, but we use it in combination with a few other methods. CONS: Can be expensive to set up, indoor lights are pricey, dependency on synthetic fertilizers costs money, no organic options. Ours will be more rectangualar because we have some boards from a deck that will be repurposed to make the sides. The vertical gardens are the best solutions for beatifying indoors or outdoors walls. Many can also find free bales at the end of Thanksgiving and Halloween on the road. They have to pay to throw out the wood chips, so if you call they will usually drop off more than enough for free. We used to do all of this, including the chickens, when we lived on a farm. :) now that's the way to do a lensography. I love organic gardening and the info about the chickens. This is yet another great lens with brilliant sustainable gardening tips. The best decision may be to decide on any crop that can be cultivated for twelve months. The Window Box Garden. Great ideas for people that don't know where to start and therefore don't try. Several Types of gardening methods are here Firstly select the land for the Gardening: Determine the wide of the land based on the type of crop you want to cultivate. Water from rain, except during the summer when there is no rain (I'm in California). thanks for new suggestions. Planting seeds is also a challenge since mulch does not delineate between weeds and your vegetable plants. CONS: Dries out fast, takes lots of time to break down the center of the bales (condition them) so that there is something to grow in, many farmers spray hay with weed killer and this can be harmful to consume and may even inhibit plant growth. Non-Traditional Methods of Gardening. It is a "no dig" method. Traditionally the individual gardens are ciircular with a 6-6 1/2 foot diameter. You've done a great job on using sustainable gardening methods. Hens in Chicken Tractor Behind Pumpkin Vines. Learn about the main types of … CONS: Wood can be expensive, once the beds are in and built it is a commitment to keep them there. If you have a small yard or are only looking to raise a small garden, this style … All the benefits of gardening can be had in square inches, rather than square feet. *If you selected Gardening questions please view our FAQ page or our Youtube channel where many answers can be found. PROS: Grow without soil, grow indoors or outdoors, the fastest growth of any gardening method, all nutrients are 100% plant available. I have a Worm Factory vermiculture composter. I've featured your lens on my lens Make a Healthy Garden ~ SquidAngel Blessed! The size of the plot is one of the main factors, deciding not only the scope but also the kind of display and usage. PROS: Cost-effective, easy to start, easy to change methods if needed. The traditional image of a vegetable garden is the country house kitchen garden, with vast plots of immaculate vegetables set out in straight lines. What I've always wondered though: how do you FIND the plants that are going to work locally? Marlies Vaz Nunes from Amsterdam, the Netherlands on May 17, 2012: A most informative aricle! Straw is used since it is cheaper than hay, and hay is also loaded with weed seed since it is used for animal feed. I'm glad I stopped by your lens - I picked up some useful tips on sustainable gardening. In addition to the fresh, organic eggs, the chickens can help you till the soil and weed in areas where you'd like to have a patch of fruit trees or vegetables. The rich compost tea filters into the soil every time the garden is watered. Some gardening methods require an investment upfront. CONS: Can be expensive, lots of space needed to house fish tank and plants, dependent on fish food to feed fish. Some folks frown on adding anything with seeds, but I say LIVE A LITTLE and find out what grows. I liked your lens so much I'm featuring it on my best-self-sufficient-vegetables lens. We didn't know it actually had a name. Great lens. Another is to take a look around in natural areas that are similar to your own conditions, making note of the plants that grow well there. Springtime Headquarters Group. B : ). Urban Gardening Methods: Growing In Any Environment Container Gardening , Garden Planning & Design , Planting May 23, 2019 diane When you live in a concrete jungle, it seems like it’s impossible to find space to create an actual edible jungle. Congratulations on your purple star. I do miss the chickens, hunting and scratching and pecking all over. HYDROPONICS – I hope this little introduction sparked some curiosity for you. Check us out at or on youtube, Instagram, and Facebook. I really enjoyed reading your lens and have picked up a lot of tips. **Blessed**. I loved this lens. Thanks for teaching me new methods (lasagna gardening, etc.). This method doesn’t, which makes it budget-friendly. mellex lm from Australia on July 09, 2011: I really like your lens... full of excellent ideas for sustainable gardening. Perennials and especially native perennials are the sustainable gardener's friend. SquidAngel blessings. In-ground gardening poses one of the best ways to get started gardening, however it can be one of the most challenging to maintain.
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