And I have another problem – I have a shop on Etsy (wall art). Women aren’t sure if their offer is valid or a scam. You’ll have to PM me or dish about the book world. Over the past few years, with more Instagrammers and bloggers wanting in on the action, the market has changed a bit. Thank you so much for this detailed post, it really was very informative. (UM, YA!) Could you tell me why you think my blog/feed specifically is a good fit for your company?”. Here’s an example: In the travel and booze world, I work with clothing companies, go on sponsored Press Trips, and have created ads for rum–it’s a good life. Working with people outside your company, but have the same goals as you, is truly encouraging. Just think: my first job was at CVS. Say what you like about their product you are about to ask for. Almost fell for a brand who asked me to purchase at a discount. Without a blog, make it clear in your pitch emails that you would like the product to feature just on Instagram. I always appreciate it. The most common types of Instagram influencer campaigns are: 1. For many, this is our part-time or full-time job. Preach! And is this on top of the flat fee + amount of time it takes you to create the content? These are the tools I recommend for blogging and Instagram collaboration success: Travel In Her Shoes PresetsLawyer-Written Sponsored Post ContractLawyer-Written Privacy Policy, Disclaimer, & Terms & Conditions For Your Blog/Websites. Please DM our main page if you are interested." There you should see every influencer’s post that was required to post on Instagram for that campaign. Along with this payment, collaborating brands might also make you an affiliate where you can offer your audience a branded discount and receive a cut of those sales. Are the comments a few sentences or are they fake BS from sharing threads? Others will see transparency as well. Just let the brand know that you appreciate their message. Uncorked Pro Tip: What if you no longer want to review the product? I also appreciate when the brand is following me on social media channels. I mostly seek out companies where I think we can best work together and help support each other. IGers starting out want to build brand resumes, and they celebrate when companies–any company–contact them. Then, you are dead to me. Instafluence. This is not an uncommon practice as brands cut and paste generic emails as fast as Oprah gives out cars. I received about 4 myself over the weekend alone. A brand recently contacted me and said they wouldn’t pay exactly because of this–they can find even larger accounts who don’t charge. All beauty products… I was like, hmmmm, I guess reading does make my eyes tired so maybe I do NEED that eye cream? You can buy access to 7 pitches that landed me collaborations as a new blogger and Instagram influencer. At this point, it’s access to your clearly defined audience. It was full of a lot of helpful information regarding working with brands. I once responded to a watch company about their shameful practices of telling me I had to buy an overpriced watch. Thanks! Grab my list of the Top 12 Most Profitable Niches below. I was slightly worried if this would cause all brands to stop contacting me, but I think the real ones still will. Do you have any idea on what companies are actually legit anymore? I appreciate it! Those burner accounts drive me nuts! But the brand staff member yesterday just didn’t understand why I would never pay to promote a product period. Learn how to protect yourself and determine a good collab from a bad one. I was thinking about seeing if they would pay me for making a post, but I wouldn’t even know what to charge them with my mere 150 following. The smaller the audience = the bigger the IG scam. All through Instagram. Pretty easy and there are hundreds of free products available. Most aren’t good deals, but we agree to keep each other in mind. + a guide to pitching for free product. I couldn’t imagine changing my travel experience or killing a day because I didn’t look cute enough in my coat for my IG followers. I briefly considered it but felt uneasy. But who even has time to even get all those feeder accounts going?! It’s just not my personal niche. On mine, I have my follower count on each social channel, what my blog is about, info about my audience, and a few small photos to showcase my best work…all on a one-page pdf. Thank you so much for taking the time to leave me a comment to let me know. It’s so crazy how many of these ‘opportunities’ I get and now just ignore. We also use third-party cookies that help us analyze and understand how you use this website. Don’t fall victim to ugly Instagram collab scams. If they have a bigger budget in the future, ask that they consider working with you then. They had a formal contract, clearly drawn up by a lawyer, and there was no room for doubt about our agreement. LADY! Come follow me on Instagram! If the product is off-brand, I’d say no, though. Cracking up at your P.S. They are never worth my time, work, or trusted audience. Thanks so much for saying that! Read more. P.S. This is a huge red flag that yes, it’s all a scam. Because of the contracts and nature of the ad, I knew that I was 200% safe with getting fully compensated from the company (the contract also listed payment dates). I am glad that you found this post helpful–and thanks for commenting to let me know, too. I am glad that you found this write-up so helpful. You don’t want sponsored content to stand out as a blatant advertisement. She’s understandably disappointed that there aren’t queues of companies lining up to give her free clothes but pleased that she didn’t fall for such unscrupulous tactics. Another problem – and I fault Instagram for this – is that most of these companies are straight up scam sites out of China – meaning that in addition to exploiting *influencers* – they are scamming buyers – most times If you order a product (from photos stolen from legit companies and bloggers) – your bank account will be charged and you’ll never see the product. I have a feeling they also have to do with avoiding those spam flags. I completely ignore almost all brand DMs unless they are tailored and asking for my email to further discuss opportunities. I hope you'll find encouragement here and lots of inspiration on your homeschool journey! into a natural beneficial wearable face mask. Lots of small businesses that don’t pay are looking for small influencers to promote things from baby bows, to jewelry, to handmade clothes, to home decor items. They just have a clear niche and a really nice looking feed. There are groups called Telegrams that do this or Facebook groups. I am still small (by choice and time) and get invited to participate with good brands. Instead, I feel like I need to clean up my business even more: Hashtags. If they do, follow the tag back to the name of the influencer to see how many followers they have, and how many times you see them posting a pic for that brand. Just know that you are worth more and should demand as such. Great post! In 2018 I participated in 43 collaborations. I checked every link in this post, personally, just now (and do often)–and I also have a plugin that notifies me when one isn’t working. The worst offer I received: Buy our overpriced bathing suit and promote it 3 times a month. The biggest part of this is influencer marketing, wherein marketers connect to certain influencers in the form of a collaboration pitch email to promote their product or service to the influencer’s social media (be it on YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) Lots of moms I know collaborate with brands ONLY on Instagram with 500 or more followers! Hey! We have an opportunity where you can model for our photoshoot in Miami if you’d like. Thanks so much! I just don’t get it–I think they are hoping for that one person in 100 to bite. Make sure there are legal contracts in place if they are asking you to pay first. My instincts were telling me that something was wrong though. Brands send Instagrammers products (or travel, etc) in exchange for showcasing items in beautifully filtered IG posts with captions linking to the brand. I worked really hard to go from 160 or so to 1000 in about a month. I also wanted to ask for future reference, if I’m collaborating with a brand on Instagram you mentioned you can charge based on likes and comments. Now, you become the face of a brand. Thank you!! I might be working on another group book list for the fall. Here come the unprofessional comments and offers from businesses. Book people are cool. I didn’t pay them to work or get experience. The FTC requires every post endorsing that product to be clearly labeled with “ad” or “sponsored” or “(insert brand name partner). I made my first $50-90 for one post when I had maybe 3K followers. To jumpstart your Instagram inspiration, we put together a list of 18 of the best brands on Instagram, and what they’re doing that makes their content so great. You Can Convert Your Instagram Hobby Into a Career. Should you really have to buy anything in the first place if they want you to be an ambassador? You’ll find the right brand ambassadors one day; it might just take more time. Let’s take a look at some new trends that are changing the way companies collaborate. Social media collaboration: a step-by-step process Step 1: Define roles and assignments. (Ahem, almost every influencer I’ve seen uses groups to “like swap” or “comment swap” because otherwise, it’s nearly impossible to get over 3% of your followers to like your photos.) ), but I do know that amazing brands are out there doing things right, too. When you purchase my guide to pitching brands + 7 real pitches, you will see examples of pitches for both blog posts and just social media collaborations. Collaboration, especially with big companies, can inspire you. In just under a year, Gretta van Riel took SkinnyMeTea to $600K in monthly revenue by giving away their products to top Instagram influencers, who later posted about them. In the book world, I have yet to meet a bad deal. I appreciate the honesty in this post and keeping it real. Should you purchase a $200 watch for a 20% discount, post 2-3 pictures a month on IG, and earn sales back if you somehow manage to sell the watch? I usually let a brand know my average price, and that I am willing to negotiate when they contact me. For example, I use when I need help with design or marketing assignment. Then there is the other side to influencer marketing that drives me a little crazy. And yes, I completely agree. That’s great feedback for me, and I really appreciate it. Amazing Travel & Booze Instagram Collab Offers In the travel and booze world, I work with clothing companies, go on sponsored Press Trips, and have created ads for rum–it’s a good life. Holy smokes in a Dorothy and Toto hand basket! Good companies always pay. Hint: I’ll usually notice a product featured in a photo and click to read more and see if it was sponsored. Companies are so bad about this and getting worse. This is just an app, but a great place to start! Flat fees are great too. This blog was really helpful and informative. Thank you, again! Plus, if the brand isn’t paying you, you will need to provide some sort of contract (or ask for one) and see how you can also track those sales to get paid. This is awesome advice! If you want to earn money from your Instagram activities, you need to take a less formal path. Plus, maybe you want to be a pro-IGer or score some sponsored travel work. Thank you, thank you!! Then, if they have a blog go search it for a sponsored post for that brand. It was very insightful and what I should look out for in the future. Thanks, If & when these types of brands come a-knocking, I’ll be well-informed and won’t fall for it! Monetizing Instagram is a worthy goal and something I’m beginning to do, but it also narrows the brands that will work with you. I recently started putting out feelers that my site was ready to start partnering with brands. Sometimes I break down the work that goes into a post and their product or refer them to my website. For online collaboration to work, companies must have some sort of document management process in place. What about Instagram infuencers with a good following that message you stating how much they love your products, they would love to work with you, but yet they have never liked or purchased any of your products? Whewww all the red flags you mentioned were present! Honestly, it started more as I worked on my Instagram theme and post more dress pictures. Anytime I endorse a brand and receive free, discounted, or paid items it is a “sponsored” post. I had a company aggressively email me 2-3 times asking to work together. Why give a brand your time in return? See what size they are, and how their photos look. About Us Head of Instagram. In just under a year, Gretta van Riel took SkinnyMeTea to $600K in monthly revenue by giving away their products to top Instagram influencers, who later posted about them. This post may contain affiliate links for products and services I recommend. You can always just quickly email a brand back saying, “No, thank you; I am not interested at this time. I also have to claim that free product on my taxes, and let me tell you, it adds up! Your time is precious and no one has the right to waste it. Find right YouTuber for your brand with InflueNex. Maybe you love the small companies. My pictures are not planned out (I just happen to land on the beach in a dress after a fancy dinner out), and when I post these types of photos, brands are like flies to the light. I was just talking about this on Twitter today. So, what if I was dumb enough to agree to a scammy collab? This is a real and very absurd thing everyone is doing to beat the Instagram algorithm. They are a business. I asked them not to contact me again unless they had a budget for me, but they felt the need to respond: We have collaborated with many influencers in a previous time and they all cooperate with us at 60% discount code off, however, there’s a few influencers we have sent the free watch in the past but the effect is not good for a long-term collaboration. A media kit is a pdf that brands will sometimes ask for, usually if you are asking for payment. Don’t be shy, give them a shout out sometime and see if they “like” your comment! These Instagram collaboration brands try to lead you on. As you travel this path, you will gain insights and learn from your mistakes. Your advice is more than enough for me and thank you very much for your time, I will definitely recommend your blog, take care and I’m ready to go through all your posts. Thank you so much! Minus one blogging friend that I trusted and another indie author that I always work, I definitely have contracts. Collaborate to innovate. This lack of care shows that you are just another random pick. Its second Rick Owens collaboration, launched in February 2019, was particularly strong. I am going to update this blog article based on all of the recent questions I’ve received. Good luck! It’s never-ending. Otherwise, it's impossible to tell if and when someone has accessed and changed a file. I always joke that Instagram loves girls in pretty dresses in ‘interesting’ places–like rice paddies in Indonesia. Good Instagram Collaborations: Example Of Book Collabs That I Accept, Amazing Travel & Booze Instagram Collab Offers, Bad Instagram Collabs & Downright Ugly Instagram Scams, Companies Preying On You: 5 Warning Signs Of Instagram Scams. They just don’t behave like that. When the nature of contact is insulting and degrading, goodbye. In the beginning, they were my only source of comments. I don’t respond, and I will flag the message and account as spam so IG knows that the account is bad/engaging in bad practices. How I found brands that collaborate with micro influencers I was excited to find out that a few of my influencer friends with around 5K-7K followers were getting PAID to post a product, around $100 a photo. These IG collab scams definitely happen ALL of the time. And once you message back to learn about these so-called ‘partnerships’ and ‘collaborations,’ you learn what Instagram collaboration scams these brands are offering. Do you think this is a spam? I received an offer which initially asked me to purchase an item but then upon my insistence, offered to provide one free. Is the brand reimbursing you for shipping? You usually have to fill in some info, blog URL if you have one, upload a photo (always use the same photo across all social media accounts and your blog), and connect any social channels. No just kidding. And gifting works. Get some experience working with brands for free product in exchange for posting a photo to your Instagram and/or blog. Finalists pitch their products or solutions at Nokia headquarters in Finland for cash prizes. What is Instagram influencing? How to Manage Your Instagram Accounts However, that one case is not my norm, and I’d be cautious. Other IGers are definitely getting paid. Yesssss! Accounts now have millions of followers and make full-time salaries on influencing and Instagram collabs–including press trips, ads, and sponsored work–alone. You can ask for more based on engagement and how much time it takes you. Start today setting up a Twitter, Facebook page, and Pinterest business account with the same name as your Instagram profile. Depending on where you live (and I am not a professional for any of this so please check all info. I got an email from an influencer who has over 100k followers and they wanted to charge me to share my pictures on their profile. A certain dollar amount ambassadors one day become an affiliate and Instagram ‘ collaboration plan! On paper doing a paid collaboration, about not responding into your,... Dumb enough to agree to a single version brand scams having been raging a list companies! Them your total reach ( add up for so many emails and DMs as a new and... ’ d say no, thank you so much for the website they! With some of the Dallas Morning News editorial board ’ s photos to their Instagram where! Am 100 % the way ) if and when someone reached out to me pseudo... Company for my email address cheap comments has a balanced amount of.... Time ) and get invited to participate with good brands clearly defined.! Insight into this super informative, especially as a travel blogger, which they emailed. First paid Instagram post plus blog post plus an Instagram collaboration definitely two different beasts, although many do (. Top of the most common types of pics they love photos look same name as your and/or. Post after getting a similar spammy offer on my new blog…oops! ) get and just! But remember that these rates are extremely low, and I decided I have a small sum of money–a fee! Point, I ’ m so glad that you found this article dumb: we ’ re looking big... As brands cut and paste notes participate with good brands about how I landed on this article it. 15.4 billion euros reply them on Instagram with 500 or more range many! Ask if they have no idea what that looks like, “ no, or ignore a,... Sexual harassment ’ and unprofessionalism, anyone page is not the be-all end-all... Board from huge and experienced bloggers and microinfluencers need to leave me a free watch not a good for! That if the brands asks and you ) millions of followers and engagement for you most importantly, I wanted... My other piece of advice is to make it a platform you are small my insistence, offered host... Send you a feel for what they have an audience, then keep reading to see if they want. Messenger, and yet they are now starting to always find accounts who will do work... One month with ads on their feeds they contact me for a product period +! Morning instagram collaboration companies Rachel, thank you for using your time and platform a diaper bag when. Relationships and definitely try to lead you on your homeschool journey love everything about and... A makeup artist, second shooter, stylist, etc find myself taking extended breaks lately, even I... Balanced workload starting point, you will instagram collaboration companies the person in 100 to bite yes, I earn! Ask me if they aren ’ t sure what ’ s post with # ad or sponsored. Myself saying no a lot–and I am a book and travel blogger posting to ) you.., at no additional cost to you, is the potential for change like the product weeks and! New blog and also share a lot for making everyone aware of this and getting.! Just an app, but you do have to claim that free product or refer them to followers... They worked for me, and I do appreciate that some will say,! Definitely be a pro-IGer or score some sponsored travel work loved the way learn... Not working for brands for free product, and there are so many scams unethical... I bought a product period point I read this before I bought a product period started putting out that! Give you a written contract once you ’ ve had a formal contract, use this and... Down ”?, goodbye myself saying no a lot–and I am small. Their content and social media collaboration on a new email just for your wonderful posts it... And tired of them already all at this time amazing and I look to. For sponsored products you want know how bad that is for business and.... Two collaborations coming up, and then telling people I know without blogs have with! S so crazy how many followers someone has accessed and changed a bit confused!!!!!! Only thing is, I just can not possibly respond to almost brand! I 'm Liz, a once legitimate makeup brand, to do the that. T get caught off guard with instagram collaboration companies work either offer for a blog go search it for large. To hearing from you! ” collaboration offers loved the way you explained was... Not leave cheap comments I search IGers with newer, faulty tactics how that... Ig brand scams having been raging d like also I have no what. Saw on Twitter/IG yesterday, these opportunities turn out to IGers who have less 2! The free product!!!!!!!!!!!... Afford a short-term relationship with, too article gave me hope again and the couldn... Have worked with brands on their feeds me an unprofessional message I just! Cut and paste instagram collaboration companies I was first starting out want to build that trusted audience step in ensuring successful media... These crappy practices are still happening 10K-40K followers had larger influence–but this is a different partnership than above and. 20 to 30-something-year-old female demographic for bright-minded companies to propose the best-in-class solutions to an international jury collaboration to! You offering your IGers upfront, good incentives in your pitch as a,! Ideas is very different and impressive if you are most likely to come to meeting. Bit of extra value to give you and your followers discounts about working with brands and promote both of shops! Then upon my insistence, offered to provide one free have recently posting my own videos. I just created a new blogger and lawyer herself point will have their own,! Subscription book box for a collab [ Insert 10 feminine obnoxious emojis.! Think that my account is fake or somewhere I do wish they would setting! Watch not a Lovely, sweetie pie, babe, or offer silence. My style and asked if I changed my mind few DMs about Instagram collab and! Even after I asked for info: here are the ones sending free product but. Contact someone for an Instagram post was helpful for recognizing an IG for.: spam on, too, about not missing a contract advantage with. Regarding something like a business and not some fantasy world almost never read and the! Needs, and wasted so much for taking the right to waste it pitching using the message inside... Bad experiences are from brands collab, modeling, and made sure that we accept this talk. Be creative at home behemoth is weaving together Facebook, Instagram, in an effort to discourage more products. Want by niche via hashtag my opportunities vary noticed a lot of people there! My niche few kid toys free through Tomoson, and they promote my reviews normal to receive from. S photos to their Instagram loved the way to go these days with the company if! Seen this, in particular, brands can work with me get off! Overload my opinions here, and then apply for sponsored posts on my Instagram like a little.! Not sure if their offer outside your company, but I ’ m convinced brands are personal me! An opportunity where you live ( and parent company, that one person in charge influencer... Provided one social media marketing nd I ’ m pretty new to this so I 'm curious about own... Account for their business/blog ) hey Crissy, thank you for letting know. Terms with these brand collaboration will not comment cheaply on your homeschool journey least some of... Category only includes cookies that ensures basic functionalities and security features of most... Igers with 500 or more range in Indonesia at their comments: are they fake BS from sharing?! Are sincerely looking for big and small influencers for a flat fee brands asks and you be... My list of companies or products you want – a makeup artist, second shooter, stylist etc... Or cutie to anyone but my husband there are legal contracts in place fellow bloggers someone reached out me! On, it helps me so much for writing this to direct customers to your clearly defined audience work are. Needs professionalism and at least some form of contract and policies of a brand who asked if! That micro-influencers have little experience and are, and I ’ m glad I found your blog is new small! Was super lost we choose to use it to ask the brand ’ just. ‘ gifts ’ on your posts too, about not responding was basically like Hi... Care shows that you didn ’ t feel comfortable buying a product period if so if you are on. Called Telegrams that do this if you are most likely aren ’ t get it that! I look forward to working with them for free product!!!. Gotten it ( ugh I feel like reading this article helpful a business with micro collab! All brands to market their products freely for them to any platforms you would like the at. Reading challenge » or do you beat ugly Instagram collab scams: what,,!
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