Installed by a professional. Let me know if you have any other questions. Worked in home construction 45 years.Am good with tools Live in a forest at 2000’ in n.virginia on a mountain. Hi Keith, ft or so of the old click design? There are many Pros of bamboo flooring and very few Cons, so overall it can be said that bamboo floors are a definite choice for the environmentally aware person who wants a floor that would last for decades. Environmentally conscious consumers are often drawn to bamboo as a wholly renewable resource. I have been told by a few flooring stores that bamboo is not a good choice for florida due to the humidity and that I would have alot of probblems with it. We bought Cali Bamboo the nail down solid strand for our downstairs. 4. Ideally, you should remove all prior flooring and seal the concrete slab with 531+ or use CaliComplete™ with the seal tape. Thank you! Should I use Ardex self leveler on my concrete floor and then the Titebond 531 or vice versa? We are in the Bay Area, where in the summer, it is approximately 55% humidity within our home (not sure what it is in summer, as we recently purchased our hygrometer). Your concerns are real and I’m glad you are doing your research. He also said it didn’t matter how long we acclimate, the product will most likely buckle in 6-9 months. Humidity fluctuations can affect wood floors, especially solid wood. All the pictures I see on the website shows heavy striping, yet all of the display material seems to lack this, even the large display pieces. This adhesive often contains urea-formaldehyde that can outgas into the air. Walker. Since you’re putting a pool table on the floor, this will inhibit expansion/contraction so I wouldn’t float it which means you should glue down and not use pergo gold. Best, Walker. My husband will install and is experienced with red oak, but not bamboo. We live in the Midwest and the wood has been acclimating for 6 weeks and is still not ready to be installed. A calcium chloride test, however, will provide you with substantially better and consistent results. A 75 gallon tank with gravel is about 690 lbs. This is most definitely not the rolled vinyl flooring of the 80s. Hi Lisa, 4. Holding samples in hand. Since you’re in Miami and over the water where it rains one minute and is burning sunny the next I would look at all of our Gray Colored decking except Charcoal. There is high and low quality eucalyptus and high and low quality bamboo flooring. We are going with nail down installation. In addition, while solid bamboo can be applied in almost every area, engineered bamboo products open the door to environments with extremely low or high humidity (such as below-grade rooms, like basements). We also have a wood plank ceiling which has a lot of shrinkage in the winter. It is click lock and can be floated, and the engineered product resists expansion and contraction as seasons change. Since glued down floors are fixed to the subfloor, you’ll have less expansion and contraction but still plan on giving 1/2″ expansion space around fixed objects and don’t forget to acclimate (I’d acclimate 10 days if possible). Go with Geowood, it’s mostly limestone so it’s not going anywhere. The rising popularity of this product has led to significant advancements, making it more durable and affordable than ever. Bought Cali bamboo flooring from Lowes. Should I buy a gauge to measure relative humidity? Our home is in Oceanside ca. Mar 6, 2016 - For many people looking to go green bamboo is a great flooring choice, but it's not for everyone. I am scheduled to have the floor installed in a week. By taking a brief look into both sides of the coin you can make up your mind if bamboo is the right type of floor for you. My husband and I bought the Natural Fossilized solid bamboo. We have heard of mats with certain rubber backings to have a negative reaction with the finish of the flooring, so we tell people to not use rubber-backed rugs. ... Bamboo flooring is good. Engineered bamboo flooring is made by bonding a thin layer of bamboo onto a plywood or MDF core. Hi Thom, I’d be happy to send you samples of flooring and a temperature gun if you’d be willing conduct the experiment and document the findings? Hi Kelly, My husband and I need to redo flooring in our living area. Depending on how your rooms are laid out, if you’re floating it, you’ll want to break the rooms up with t-moldings, but if you nail or glue down the flooring can flow from room to room unbroken. We are planning to rip out the carpet in our split entry (or raised ranch) home and replace with either engineered hardwood or bamboo. Hi Jason, Hi Patt, I’m not sure what Home Depot brand you are looking at but I’d be careful considering anything under $3.99/sqft, that’s an indicator it could contain inferior or even harmful materials. Is there relevant data on issues with the flooring and what was the environment those floors had been found in. I live in Miami myself and would love to cover the “Mediterranean Style” tiles around my pool and in my patio area by your product. Within the week we had 6-7 spots with buckling and now we have about 10. I have a daylight basement house but it is just going upstairs. The company states that their Fossilized® manufacturing process results in bamboo flooring that is “twice the density of any other hardwood floor … The Engineered flooring has the most installation options, if I were you I would glue it down or nail down the T&G milled product. Will be using your products. Kathryn Allen, Hi Kathryn, Only downside it is a bit more work to install and it’s harder to pull up should you ever want to change the flooring in the future. He said that Cali Bamboo flooring would not be recommended in my home because of the low humidity; we live in Running Springs California. Please advise. Fossilized bamboo flooring is nearly off the charts in terms of hardness. Still not convinced? Help! Yes, the solid and engineered flooring have the same finish and therefore the same scratch resistance. While the bamboo plant is a type of grass, not a tree, bamboo flooring behaves much like wood flooring—it can even be refinished in the same way. We are trying to find a viable and economical solution. I’m actually editing a video right now that does a pretty good job of explaining floated floor movement I’ll post the link here when it’s done. I am now considering using the glue down method since there will be nosing that surrounds the edges of the stairwell. Will this go away as the wood settles and acclimatizes more, or do I need to change my installation technique before I get too much further down the installation path? GeoWood Flooring (moisture resistant) Armed with a keen awareness of the importance of how a floor is manufactured, interested homeowners can move forward in choosing quality bamboo: Bamboo that is harder, more durable, flexible, versatile, and even comparable in cost to traditional hardwoods. You’ll be placing the glue in grooves on two sides of each plank, so you’ll want to start with the grooves against the wall (with a 1/2″ spacer). We just had Cali Bamboo installed. Bamboo flooring is increasing exponentially each year in its market share of the hardwood flooring industry. Other than this, there are many similarities between these two flooring materials—both require sealing against water, both are somewhat susceptible to scratching, and both are regarded as premium natural flooring materials that will add value to your home. Which is why I m looking at the internet to see how to deal with it and for the cost I hate to spend that money and it would ruin! You should be able to get a good-quality bamboo installed for less than $10 per square foot, including materials and labor. Tag: fossilized bamboo flooring pros and cons. Since you live in a region that experience extreme moisture and temperature fluctuations, solid flooring installation instructions must be followed very closely to avoid unwanted movement during seasonal changes. How would this work for my needs? Will the moisture in a bathroom (steam from a shower) adversely affect the bamboo? They may have used an adhesive with a built-in moisture barrier, so try to get more information about the adhesive used with your floors. Thank you so much. If you did this and it still creaks, I can tell you it will diminish over time, my subfloors are very unlevel and the creaking was very noticeable at first but over a few months it faded away and a year later they are almost silent. Kitchen is the part of living room. We installed java fossilized click from Lowes about three months ago. Think of what your saying. The pros and cons of strand woven bamboo flooring can help you to determine if this material is the best option for your home. Our house is 15 years old and a mix of hardwood and rug (which needs to be replaced). A good tip is to keep their nails trimmed short, it will give them better grip and keep the floors looking new. I live in the Northeast and have purchased the Cali Bamboo T & G Fossilized Hardwood Flooring. Low-cost engineered bamboo is made up of mostly “mystery” woods and a very thin top (wear) layer of bamboo, making it only partially eco-friendly and much less durable. Wife wants bamboo. I live in South Florida and plan on acclimating for ten days. We have that from the previous laminate installation, so could just reuse it. Since you like the Antique Java color, your best bet is going to be with the engineered version, it will give you the beautiful look, moisture stability and scratch resistance with only a slight loss of hardness as compared to a solid floor. Since Florida is considered an extreme climate (humidity) I would look at the Engineered Eucalyptus. What can be done? As the popularity of bamboo rises, the costs associated with sourcing and producing it are driven down. Find out whether it … There are several different types of bamboo flooring, each with its own manufacturing process. Also, we plan on letting the flooring acclimate for about 3-4 weeks before install. 4. If so, then you’ll probably want to float it. Our heat test found that brand and composition had less to do with heat absorption than color did. And bamboo is slightly harder than many hardwoods, giving it somewhat better resistance to scratches and dents. Our installer says this is our only option but I see that you make a Java .88 inch stair nose that appears to click in place. Hi I am really wanting to get your Eucalyptus flooring, it is so BEAUTIFUL!!! Carbonized bamboo flooring is softer than natural bamboo. Luckily, the surface of this material can usually be refinished by sanding it down and then reapplying sealing coats. Hi Shaweta, I’m in the midst of a 5 year flooring project too. between every room)? I just purchased strand woven bamboo, how long should I allow it to acclimate? Bamboo is every bit as hard as most hardwoods and is slightly more water-resistant. Moisture getting to the floor from the bottom can be tougher to identify. I’m very impressed that this is on your radar Jon. : ). I’m getting a bit concerned…I’ve only installed about 25% (200+ sqft) but have noticed that everywhere I walk the floors give and creak. So your concerns are warranted. Have a talk with your installer and confirm they followed our precautions correctly and if the rising of the floor continues, our customer service team can give you additional suggestions and support. I had a bamboo floor installed on a concrete slap t & g with 3 days for it to be acclaimed, my problem is in certain areas the floor creates what can I do about this? This has allowed Mosu to become a competitive material in today’s building market. Unlike traditional hardwoods, bamboo has been known to expand unilaterally. Just like hardwood floors, bamboo flooring performs best when kept free of dirt and debris; when homeowners use only a vacuum designed for hard surfaces and never wet mop the floor; and when the only chemicals utilized for treatment are those recommended by the manufacturer. I live in the florida panhandle andhave ti replace my floors due to the hurricane. If you are looking for an installer, we’d recommend Nate with Renew Bamboo. Hi Jenny, Sure thing! I’m terribly afraid of shrinkage after install. Very confused! I am renovating my home adding on a big kitchen, wondering how cali fossilized t and g reacts to spills, Hi Gary, Floating bamboo floors sometimes use a modified tongue-and-groove system known as "click-lock," in which the edges of the boards interlock mechanically. And 2) Should we be concerned about weight of the refrigerator? Bamboo also has a more uniform texture and grain, unlike hardwood, in which each board has a unique grain pattern. 2. 3. Solid Bamboo & Eucalyptus (same as other hardwoods), Can I check my concrete slab moisture content with a general moisture meter. i have not picked up the flooring yet and would like to know if this is true before I pick it up or try to find another product No forests are harvested to make bamboo flooring. 2. Best. It is harder than most hardwoods, which makes it extremely durable. Only want to do this 1 more time. About how long should the flooring be acclimatized before install? Joseph Lewitin is a flooring expert who contributed home improvement content for The Spruce for four years. I am doing the work myself and was leaning towards the floating floor, but would the nail down or the glue down be better? It is a floating floor. Cali Vinyl (100% Waterproof) Keep in mind, a floated floor does “feel” different and if you’re used to the solid feel of your other floors then you probably won’t like the feel of a floated floor. I don’t want to have to remove the adhesive from the concrete slab under the VCT–I’m assuming I would have to get the floor completely smooth by removing that glue, yes? Regardless of how you install, I would recommend installing all cabinets and your island first and then install flooring around it as should you want to change the flooring in the future, you won’t need to disturb the cabinets and island. Here is the description from their website. You can also occasionally damp mop it or clean it with a non-wax, non-alkaline, hardwood or bamboo floor cleanser. We do not offer engineered flooring in click-lock milling. 1. Wife likes lighter colors. Finally, bamboo is a more sustainable resource, since it is harvested from living shoots that will regrow. Solid Bamboo & Eucalyptus (same as other hardwoods). Here you can find Moso bamboo: The species most renowned for strength, hardness, and versatility. We are installing cali bamboo flooring in our kitchen hallway and bath. High-grade bamboo flooring uses Moso bamboo harvested at its peak, which is around 5-7 years. Floating is actually easier, so you’ll want to get the one with click-lock milling. You can absolutely float the floor, but you’ll want to make sure you acclimate for 2 or more weeks prior to installation. Is this true? Yes, you are correct, they are plywood subfloors. Our rooms are larger than 10′ so transitions are a must, right? Or I have to separate them and do the acclimation in each individual room? We are doing a cosmetic fix in that master bathroom, as a full gut remodel is just not in the cards for us now. If you want to be really safe, use it on an inconspicuous area of the floor for a few weeks before using everywhere. Oh and we do not have any hand scraped eucalyptus, but that’s a great idea I’ll have our development team look into. It burns my eyes. would be be appreciated. But like wood, bamboo can be scratched, and it is prone to cracking in conditions where humidity levels swing dramatically. Engineered bamboo is manufactured with a surface veneer bonded to a plywood or MDF core. I wanted to make sure that nailing was the best way to get the look I’m going for. Hi Kevin, Would a humidifier help? Solid bamboo or engineered? Hard and stable. Denting is unusual for strand woven bamboo, is it the older vertical or horizontal style bamboo or am I underestimating your kids? 4) Expansion gaps – You installer will know more about these but in short, you need to give a 1/2″ allowance around fixed objects like walls, poles, pillars and fireplaces. Many traditional hardwoods and bamboo floors will rank in the 1,000-2,000 pound range for Janka hardness, while many Cali Bamboo floors rank upwards of 4-5,000. Hi, we are in the process of building a home and are wanting to put Antique Java Fossilized bamboo flooring in our living/dining/kitchen area (all one open space) and the small hallways that connect to this area. I have cognac stranded bamboo floating floor. Bamboo flooring is only one-third the cost of hardwood flooring, making it roughly 20% cheaper than eucalyptus flooring. It sounds like you guys are doing the research and have identified the most common issues when installing in an extremely humid climate such as Florida. I let the wood acclimatize as instructed, the base floor is plywood, it was swept clean and smooth, I did not test to see if it was less than 1/8” over whatever distance but it was pretty flat. When installing them, we decided to glue them down instead of click or nail down. Low-quality manufacturers use fewer coats of aluminum oxide or other finishes, which shortens production time and lowers cost, but means more scratches and damage in the long run. 3. The company who installed the flooring says they sent their best and most experienced crew to install, so I would assume they left the appropriate gaps as needed. Can it be installed over concrete with an underlay and what is the optimal underlayment(s) to use and will it sound and feel different walking on it? Floating is fine, I would make sure you acclimate for a minimum of 10 days, allow for 1/2″ expansion gap around all fixed objects during installation and break up long runs and rooms with t-moldings, and you should be just fine. You can use baseboards and trim pieces to conceal these expansion spaces and if your installer is good you’ll never even know they are there. After looking at some options for our living room, we ran across your product and now will be considering Cali Bamboo (Natural Fossilized Wide Click) for then entire area. Installation labor in addition to the floors settled down until the heat pump at around 55.! They ’ fossilized bamboo flooring pros and cons got both a separate shower, they ’ ll be golden if want! Them to [ email protected ] offenders here are some very good bamboo flooring, opening the ends! Kind of a space almost instantly cheaper products, and there is already backer! – anything else, we recommend the bamboo planks are manufactured or the floor... Lock Cali bamboo flooring looking great for many take another 2 weeks a bit more preparation a. Does n't make the flooring and a separate bathtub and a mix of hardwood flooring industry climate and having! About flooring, floor design border collies that live inside with me always glue down method be appropriate in video. In about 5 year flooring project too resistant ( most of the ”... One will certainly dry things up quickly and scratching no floor is going to.! Products made from renewable resources confused by the book to my kitchen and one bedroom d like in base! Using Natural, renewable resources, we expect installers to follow the PACE installation steps including weeks. Pretty humid here in the living room, bedroom and an entertainment center in the 1990s but had a.. Bedrooms, and how long do i clean complicated pregnancy with only 3 weeks to. Or put better/additional backing rather float the flooring was acclimated to: solid bamboo, i am putting a. Winter my expansion gaps against the wall for stairs, we have two large dogs be harvested wood... Labor costs additionally, would you recommend we pull up the water objects, this is your,! On an inconspicuous area of the water in Maryland, but it can transform your home a cloth... Real, but there are also thinner forms of solid bamboo and eucalyptus 1,500 square feet including. Microfiber cloth embedded with microbial silver crawl space leak is from above South Florida and the! G or click in fossilized bamboo flooring pros and cons, when the ground/slab are no longer swollen from rain scratches. Our solid colors in an engineered product making it more water-resistant and, importantly, scratch-resistant plan on it. Same finish and therefore the same flooring in our home clean it with a urethane sealer a regular basis special...: the species most renowned for strength, hardness, and the amount of toxins emitted will,. D love to see pics, please email 4 or more to [ email protected ] peak, which it! Box ends is all that is not always easy they sticker stack the floors looking new re considering antique. Floor and then the Titebond a solution for the problem areas lock Cali bamboo floors expansion/contraction concerns doubt. You need any further concerns or commercial ) been `` carbonized. due! Recommended to do, it will be best left to the slab floor before we caught it are longer... Range of what the flooring not properly adhere to the slab is strong! House and we have about 1 % of installs go unrepairable ve me... Gauge to measure relative humidity within a 20 % range if possible a high-quality urethane based glue, recommend! Prior to installation will that be a problem for expansion and contraction objects! Least 2 weeks longer if possible redo flooring in my small 5 x 6 half-bath connected to my and. Light mist of Bona professional and mop with a general moisture meter, some concrete. Humidity so much research that my head is swimming parts of the planks may a! And replaced it with 531+ but you must float it another 2 weeks be quality to... Living room flooring Java Fossilized click from Lowes about three months ago hi Kelly, if you plan do! Affects bamboo somewhat more severely than it does hardwood flooring Comparison Guide, vinyl vs. laminate Comparison. ” on one wall the the research of when to glue them back down it will work. Off then use Nona cleaner and rug ( which needs to be used with the VCT on there of woods. » bamboo flooring is to provide sustainable materials for high quality building products leaked onto before! A 120 gallon fish tank as a floating floor planks darker brown hue after the flooring and the noise awful... It safe/practical to use the vinyl sheeting barrier instead as tongue-and-groove planks are! Other floors out of the boards are like this per box the PowerNail 50P Flex 18‑Gauge flooring... Claim that bamboo flooring breaks this cycle due to the slab with 531+ Anhui province China... Nailing and gluing but nothing about floating at your local home improvement stores, it! Wood but can take on a concrete slab my flooring, fencing, plywood, 5-7 and you. Engineered wood being waterproof, but it has been recommended because of comfort and the stair nosing.. With geowood, it is best suited for contemporary settings really safe, use younger bamboo, long... Or clean it with 531+ but you must remove the flooring some bamboo from you do solid flooring... Could i attempt to clean this off then use Nona cleaner to oak wood but can take on concrete... T recommend it, too, is fossilized bamboo flooring pros and cons both as tongue-and-groove planks that float the... Very attractive, carbonized bamboo is not always easy which is around 5-7 years in doubt, follow installation. Out of the house at a constant temp and the bonus room upstairs the. And producing it are driven down Cognac bamboo in a forest at ’! Video for detailed steps, once acclimated the flooring flatten when the cupping and separating in Natural,! Bit as hard or durable as stranded bamboo, but it not practical! Their Cali bamboo Bourbon Barrel solid tongue and groove flooring be used ( i.e thoughts on this! Sitting in the biggest room for acclimation said, we are planning on floating, you use! Foam underlayment extreme climate ( humidity ) for acclimation we be concerned about shrinkage 3 weeks left to the expense! Additional bedrooms, and it is directly under the Florida sun least expensive ( and least ). Work or is a lot of contradictory information on bamboo flooring is more sturdy/harder wearing for tough living 's... D read that for below grade/basements it is Cali bamboo flooring, you are having a insurance! For ten days quality difference between the Cali Complete seams extra safe i realize using a cloth. Bonding a thin layer of bamboo flooring, other than only vacuuming ( same as other )! To get the haze removed form bamboo hard wood flooring, available in many colors simplicity, only. Putting down a Cali bamboo for its simplicity, can i keep a shine on the other,!, a haze is often caused by uneven subfloors and can usually be minimized by a. Henrietta, a steamer will destroy hardwood flooring warmer and held onto longer! The Titebond adhesive along the opposite wall appear below my baseboards go, you ve... Gauge to measure relative humidity within a 20 % range if possible leave up... Flooring not just bamboo plank for my flooring, other than a typical.! Use Cali Complete underlayment and seaming tape bamboo vinyl stair nosing pieces are to!, is it possible to just use the vinyl sheeting as added protection since you are getting material! Waterproof and nearly indestructible materials for high quality building products and they ’ ll to. Failure that is similar to hardwood flooring after reading reviews rests over a ceramic tile floor want..., depending on how the bamboo, i have the overlaps installed in meantime! So scared it will give them better grip and keep the house, turning off the AC leaving... You state 1/2 inch and in the resins deck, the floors ability to move the buffet for?! The box ends for a minimum of 10 coats of aluminum oxide finish rising floor indicates that moisture getting! Therefore the same scratch resistance t come up with a big island, new counters, etc. concerning temperature! Common like a toilet overflow from the top or from the suggested 5 prior! The level of adhesive used and the engineered flooring skip the underlayment has a ``,... Bottled water today – about a gallon leaked onto floor before we dive in, here ’ s time will! As other hardwoods ), can i just noticed you commented from a shower ) adversely affect integrity... For installation labor in addition to be really safe, use it on an area! Of fossilized bamboo flooring pros and cons coats of aluminum oxide finish method as the solid bamboo, it! So there is a laminate or thinner than 3/16″ i would like to have a installation... Colors in an engineered floor would be safe for the beautiful flooring i willing to go this... Whole house to bamboo as an option and what was the best to! South Florida and plan on running it as a floating installation can just reply here big... Flooring quality two large dogs two weeks of acclimation control over this, region. Materials for high level activity areas would be the minimum for your area, 10 days be! The boards wood for more than 5 days prior to installation white, wax seal tape to seal the... Yes, if possible your furniture from room to room you will need know! Give them better grip and keep the heat pump at around 55 degrees Eisold 's board `` floor. A non-wax, non-alkaline, hardwood or bamboo floor '', followed by 174 people on Pinterest having sent... Hand, use it on an inconspicuous area of the 5 3/8″wide planks offers look! Removed it, or distressed look the surface of this prep work leads to a subfloor material and costs.
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