I have owned many cats till now and have dedicated many years to nurturing and caring cats. Tukaj je več kot 80 imen pit bull, ki jih lahko izbirate za svojega grobega in žilavega psička. Her son who sings the same way. This name has badass written all over it. Copper. Whether you are looking for unique Pitbull names for males or strong male dog names for Pitbulls. Chunky: This male choice reflects the body type of this breed of canine. Wyatt is relaxed, yet a highly respectable name. I have a 2 mouth old puppy and it likes the name Homie, I have a pitbull that is pregnant 1 month and 13 days pregnant already her names oz, Those dogs look so cute but.. Wyatt. The moment we think of the name Diesel, either the fuel or the denim brand comes to the mind. Badass Pit Bull Names for Males and Females. Anyway, if you are clueless or running out of ideas for the best name for your pet, read the list below! This category is for those who insist on having a badass name. Top 100 Unique Male Dog Names: Hello friend.Today we are giving a Top 100 Unique Male Dog Names, which is very good and very good.You can put it for your dog, looking for a name for your dog, so where do you need to go? So you might now be considering some names for pitbull puppies or more specifically, male pitbull puppy names and girl pitbull puppy names. haha she's so funny this is a perfect name she also think she's a diva, So cute and makes her seem not so bad you know because she is a pit so yeah, so I've had this pitbull puppy for about a week he's a beautiful blue nose pitbull bully and I'm really having a hard time with a name I have been calling him so many different names for a whole week and he just comes to me because he loves me I love him just as much he's come to me and a very difficult time which is the holidays for me and he has totally taken the spotlight in my life help please I need a name, I have 2 grown female bullies named Duchess and Queen. Don’t feel that people are going to be raising alarm bells if they find out. Cherry is such a cute name for your pretty pet. Real Badass Pitbull Names. Sorry but pibbles is batter than all of those, especially when pibbles looks like he's about to pop your face. A 30 kgs pitbull can be easily put down by a man who doesn’t fear dogs… but how about a 100 kg Caucasian Shepherd? IT SHOULD BE ! ... Pets are like our children. I have no pit bull but I want one so bad! We know Tasia is shortened from Anastasia. Riptide – A tide that opposes other tides, causing a violent disturbance in the sea. Your pet will be with you for the rest of his or her life. Tan – “ To luck brown”. Wesley Attack Dog King on December 14, 2019: My aunt has a Pitbull named boots and has some more dogs. 25. Pit bulls are the best on February 01, 2018: I got a pit bull and she is the best. The name should connote his inner personality traits while still sounding as strong as he is. Pawsative Ruffview: “Been using this for months on my pitbull and so far so good! Don’t let their tough outward appearance fool you; many have a loving heart and just want to be a part of a family that will love them back. Although most pet dogs can appear to be docile and domesticated… they all have a hidden badass side! Pibble is actually a nickname for pitbulls and that’s why we love it as a name for your baby! Hyppie for short because he has a heart shaped Whit spot on his neck. I had a male pit named Titan. petlovetoday.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to Amazon.com.Additionally, petlovetoday.com participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links. So you will immediately know why … From Diamond came Thunder, Number One, and Ace (males), and MatrieDe and Rubidoux aka Ruby, Doobah, or "The Rube". So, if you want your home defended, here is a list of the Top 10 Badass … Obviously, these names can be used for badass pups. 20. Pitbull Dog Names: Hey guys, are you looking for pitbull names for your new puppy?Do you want the most popular Pitbull names for male and female dog?If yes, then this article is for you. Any suggestions? Giving your pit bull a “weak” name can be a downer. I hope your client finds a good suggestion on here!. A blue razor edge pit male out of a past litter threw a white face female that I decided to keep. Once you do finally have a name picked out, help the dog get used to the name by giving it a treat each time it comes to you when called. Bailey Bear – Why? I'm thinking of naming her "Ice" cause she is solid white with greenish blue eyes, i have to dogs named callie and rocky and callie is pregnet.when i get one of the puppies i will name it nacho,cheeto,penny or kilo, I like killer, trigger , and buster ,and others or blade. I have an 8 month old female named Diva and now have 2 three week old brindle females that need names. The American Staffordshire Terrier is often mistaken for the American Pit Bull Terrier. Thinking Princess is going to be one...jus stuck on the other name. There aren’t many awesome sounding P names, but we sure do think this one is great! However, if you have a pit bull, then it’s only natural that you give him or her the most badass name you could think of. He's a baby, but don't you or any animal come in the yard unannounced! But it does not mean that you cannot. If you have a male pit bull, you might want a name with a masculine ring to it. Hence, it is a must that you give it a name that it fully deserves. Giving your pit bull a “weak” name can be a downer.But it does not mean that you cannot. Here we are going to share male and female badass names for girl and boy. Rating: 4.5/5 with 76 reviews. Because settling on a name for your new pet can be hard and emotionally wrenching (oh the indecision! If you have a female, don’t be afraid to give her a sweet, soft name. Big Dog Names for Pitbulls. As smart as a fox, she always gets her man! It’s quite normal for people to do this. I named my female pitbull kiearie but she goes by kilo, keke, kia, lowkey, kittykitty, kiearianni. When it comes to naming your new pup, pay close attention to the dog’s mannerisms and overall behavior. The toughest sounding dog names can be inspired by people, places or things that have a cold, hard association. My female who sings her "barks" Sirius. We all know that Angelina Jolie chose it for her son in 2002. He is 5 months old and he is a good dog. I had a female named Rodeo. I know it’s not on here but imma name my male Pitbull Chop is looking for a middle name tho. My baby (well she is 9.. lol) but she has a very unique beautiful name! However, we love this version so much! You've got a new Pitbull and you need some names that sound as cool as it looks? Though pit bulls' names are often based on their rugged appearance, it is important to take a deeper look into those puppy eyes and find that sweet personality lying within. If you aren’t a fan of your first name, using one of your middle names can be a great alternative. I have bully and razor edge puppies for sale hmu. The Staffy is primarily a Terrier, which means he has a strong prey drive, enjoys digging, and may not get along well with other animals. There are so many names to sift through, as you can clearly see. Great info. If you love a badass looking pitbull, this gold chain is sure to elevate her game. Tough dogs demand tough names. Excel: For the Pit Bull that excels at everything, and that “excel” lerates when spotting the neighbors cat. Unity; Unity is pretty self explanatory. Ryder is perfect for a cute little pitbull. Just in case you need help in the naming process, we have compiled this categorized list of names. Her articles focus on everything from pet care to relationship advice. 100 + Badass Pit Bull Names For Males And Females, petlovetoday.com is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to, Top 10 Best Wet Cat Food Brands – That You Can Trust, How To Buy The Best Dog House Door For Winter, BEST GUINEA PIG FOOD Reviews & Buyer’s Guide. Hopefully, you won’t need to look any further! Big Mac is such a funny bad ass name lol. My dog is name tiny but don't think his small his big that's why when ppl hear that name thy think it's going to be a small dog but guess what it's not, mt Girls name takes the cake, her name is storm, Pitbull dog is very senstive nd carefully dogs, @Lynn Smith. Many times the most common dog names look like ironic names. My Pitbull Boston Terrier Named Karma Is So Sweet Tempered And I Love Her. This is where you will find the best inspiration for the perfect name for your new furry friend. Nonetheless, it is still best to go for the more badass names. I think I'll name my imaginary albino female pitbull Roxanne. Rex – Rex just sounds like a strong dog name. I got my puppy when he was 6 weeks old I named him diesel he's awesome he gets along with the cat gets along with my cocker spaniel /Alyssa mix my miniature weenie dog I got in her when she was 6 weeks old I went to stay with a friend when she was 6 months old the friend had a pit she took the weenie dog and treated it just like her baby and now wants Bella smell puppy breath from diesel for the first time ever she thinks she's his mama so I said well a pit raised her so now I guess she thinks she's going to raise a pit I have alot of medical issues nd my goal is to find someone that can or will try to train him to be a service dog I'm on disability and I don't know if I will be able to do it say prayer and keep my fingers crossed. But the name was actually a pet form of the name Mathias or Matthew. My name is Annie and I am a great pet lover and a cat owner of two lovely cats. and a male Blaze aka (ButtButt) they are both 3 yrs old. Ryder. i rescued a year old pittie girl.....took her off a rural , country road.....abandoned, hungry, scared.....had been shot between the eyes with big pellet gun.....the pellet is still there, opted out of surgical removal......named her Bebe.......it suits her.....she is happy to be loved..... the name i love isnt on here but if anybody would like karma thats what i named my female pitbull and my male pitbull is killer and my all black with a little white line down his nose is venom. A regular name works for any pet. Sometimes finding a perfect Pitbull Name for your puppy can be a difficult task. Badass dog names 2020: Are you looking for badass names for a dogs? We are the proud parents of 7-year old apricot Meathead. He’ll be running to you every time before you know it! (Take that, ADT Security!) Tough Pitbull Dog Names. Odin – In Germanic mythology, Odin is a widely revered god. Try one of these cute and sweeter sounding names: Alexa Amos Angel Ava – A short and sweet name which is actually a variation of Eve meaning “bird”. The contrast between a “soft” name and a hardy pit bull is cute. Burnt wood – “The best name for a dog with a brindle color coat”. A badass name altogether. The name Sniper best suits a dog that stalks its prey. Tatiana has been an online writer for over five years. I've also had Handsome, Amadeus, Ben( males) and Tasha, Kayla, Marmaduke aka" Dukeness", and Sealy (females) oh, and Frisker from a children's book called Frisker the lonely puppy. Don succumb to this list people. His name Hypnosis. All dogs have the potential to be badass, from tiny Chihuahuas to large Great Danes; giving them a Badass Dog Name is the first step in discovering any dog’s badass nature. (He was last of the litter to be taken), my dog's name was chico meaning boy in spainish, my family has always raised red nose and blue nose pits beautiful loyal most trustworthy dog in the world with the right training love and support these dogs are nothing short of amazing and gorgeous i named my 9 wk old male puppy Starke which is german for strong, My pitbulls name is beast and I also have one named baby. They are highly intelligent, strong, and very loyal when raised in a loving environment. From tough female Pitbull names, to cute, unique and even color based names. What area are you in? I do training. We've had four pitty girls, Brandy and Jersey who are now in doggy heaven and Daisy and Pepper our current babies. If you want an aggressive-sounding name, look no further. :-). He quoted that his wife randomly chose the name from the lyrics of Pharrell’s favorite musicians. Top Raccoon Proof Cat Feeders To Keep Your Cat Food Safe You Must Know in 2020, The Top 15 Best Chicken Coops (2020 Reviews), Decoding Cat Behavior: Why Your Cat Sits Like a Loaf, Best Dog Pet Bowl Mat Reviews – Complete Buyer’s Guide, People With A Fear Of Dogs Meet Pit Bull Puppies. Top Ten Pitbull Names Adira – meaning ‘strong’ and ‘powerful’ in the Hebrew language, a rare and quirky name for a cool female dog! Love them all so much, we named are dog, maxumus meatball novelli, A suggested name-Boss witch is a god name for a pit. Tatiana (author) from Florida on April 15, 2018: I'm so happy you liked this article! It’s common for people to have at least one middle name on their birth certificate. It is an English baby boy name meaning ‘guide, wood, or wide’. Unique Pitbull Dog Names. It’s only fair since they will have to hear that name for the rest of their life! However, he is a smaller version of the Pit Bull, and really only shares a common ancestor, the Bulldog, with the Pit Bull. Then came Diamond, named by previous owner. The process can be overwhelming, so we have prepared the following list of tips to help pick a name for your pit bull. My pit bull bans are little bit Jayroe coda batman. Badass Pitbull Names. Ginger. Pharaoh should've been on the badass name list. I think I like max for a dog's name it's rare and Cupid sounds good too. My red nose is rayne who weighs in at 64 pounds and both think they are lap puppies. Ares – after the Greek god of war, the perfect name for a strong Pitbull! Pit bulls make wonderful family dogs, despite their unfair reputation. The Best Low Protein Dog Food Brands for Kidney Health. Alcatraz; Chino (state prison for men in California) You can’t get a lot more badass than a jail… There are lots of tough prisons around the world that can be a source of inspiration for truly badass dog names. Rocket is a badass name, meaning ‘jet propelled’. This is the perfect representation of the colour of these Pitbull dogs. Cherry. The best part is that all of the methods mentioned below involve your pup in the name-picking process. Bean – “A knowledgeable person”. Do You Know How To Choose The Best Dog Food For Your Pet? But before we check them out, what about those traditional male Pitbull names? Badass Dog Names: Hello friend.Today we will see the Badass Dog Names Girl; it will be a fascinating topic for you. Just in case you need help in the naming process, we have compiled this categorized list of names. My pitbulls name is Mugly cause when she was a puppy she had a mug so ugly only a mother could love. Rambo – As in the famous Sylvester Stallone character. What Everybody Ought To Know About Best Kitten Foods? Very playful and my family and I don't know what to name her. Honey is a sweet name for a dog which is yellowish in colour. Fidget: This term indicates nervousness when threatened. I just got a puppy today and named it ranger it was a boy and it was white and brown. Through this blog, I am here to share my knowledge and experience about Pets. I have 2 male pitbull/bullie named "Gotti" (black & white) and "Overdose" (champagne) and im getting a female in 2 weeks cause she to young right now. Hi lady's and gents I have 2 pits and they are called Chappie and Chalessi, I have 3 pits 2 males an 1 female girls name is kasha and boys r Rombo and kilo, I ❤❤ the name Coco that's what I'll name my. Maybe it’s the connotation with dinosaurs and the Tyrannosaurus Rex. Choir que to sing out loud. Picture calling your Yorkie, Hannibal or Beast. My example: my male who sits and stares at you eye to eye. I thought a golden retriever was the perfect choice but I took a quiz and it said that the pit bull is my ideal companion. I have a client with a new pitbull pup and she was looking for some names so stumbled on this and sending the link to her. Strong Dog Names for Pitbulls. If you are searching for a funny name, keep in mind that the novelty of a name can eventually wear off, so choose carefully. Pyro – If you’re looking for seriously badass dog names, Pyro (short for pyromaniac) is red hot. It's going to be a good ass name for my new amaricn bully pups. Badass is the best guard dogs. Dogs catch on pretty quickly, so only do it until it is clear that it has learned the new name. They are quite stocky with short legs of the length and size of the body Duke: A masculine sounding male Pit Bull name, also good if you’re a fan of The Duke himself…John Wayne.
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