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May 28th, 2020

Pandemic Lotería Is Back

After the game quickly sold out, Feliz Modern has restocked Pandemic Lotería, ingeniously conceived by local artist Rafael Gonzales Jr.

Wanna bet your weekend plans will be no different than the last five nights?

Spice things up with Pandemic Lotería, back in stock at Feliz Modern. With serape stripe backing, local artist Rafael Gonzales Jr. has reimagined the classic game for the Covid era, with cards like El Fauci, El Trabajo (a laptop) and La Coping Mechanism (a cocktail). His cheeky illustrations are a time capsule of the lockdown—up your skills by playing the DIY Brittany-inspired shave (La Quarancut) or the at-home coffee maker (La Starbucks). Make it a virtual game night—the shop also carries Millennial Lotería.

Hands down the most fun you've had lately.

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