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August 21st, 2018

Cocktail-Inspired Beignets

Churro beignets? Yes please with powdered sugar on top.

You're always the first to put your napkin on your lap at the table and tie on an apron when you do anything more than microwave in your kitchen. 

Give yourself the leeway to get marvelously messy with a few beignet bites from local Southern Grit Flavor. Michael Grimes churns out his version of the classic dessert every weekend at the Pearl Farmers Market - you may have even noticed his goodies served alongside the Sweet Pea by Estate mobile espresso truck. Catering to both sweet tooths and those who prefer the savory side of life, his concoctions range from lovely powdered sugar versions made with buttermilk, half-and-half along and a hint of rose water to a rotating selection like the Paloma (grapefruit and lime) or tomato and bacon - which leans on local ingredients from the likes of Talking Tree Farm and Swinehouse - and even churro style. 

It's polite to lick your fingers if you leave one pinky up.

Photo: @eat_it_b

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