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March 12th, 2020

Sew You Say You're An Original

Get your personal mantra embroidered on your denim, thanks to Socorro Society.

To hear the comments you shout at people sewing on reality shows, you'd think you had your very own clothing line.

Create looks that speak to your very-opinionated style, thanks to local Socorro Society. Cozy up with the owner to chat custom embroidery options for your jeans and jackets. Or, pretend Alexa Chung is your mentor and try your hand at her embroidery kits for adding cacti to your hats and snakes to your overalls. We love her headbands made from vintage serape fabric from El Salvador, and you can opt into learn-to-stitch workshops in New Braunfels and at Temple of Offering (postponed for now). 

Now who's next in fashion?

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