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December 10th, 2009

Santa's Little Helpers

Here, gift suggestions for the little prince and princess on your list.

Ah, the holiday season. Cold weather, indoor activities and endless to-dos have you feeling a little more Scrooge than Saint. The kids are bugging you to check their list twice, and here are some extra ideas.

She's nuts for pink, pearls and pigtails. (Wonder where she gets that girliness?) Treat her to a handmade frothy confection from South Texas-based, Tutu Moi. The designer looks are perfect for twirling, wand-pointing and tiara wearing. (Choose from 40 designs, in newborn to 12 years old).

Channel your little noisemaker's all-boy energy into beautiful music with the best-selling Band in a Box from locally-run online boutique Baby Besos. The kit has everything your mini musician needs to rock out – a tambourine, clacker, triangle, tone blocks, cymbals and maracas. You'll get a front row show to his solo performance, which you'll deserve after all his practice sessions.

When you're at your wits end and think you can't take 12 more days of Christmas, just remember: ‘Tis the season to threaten naughty-or-nice.

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