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February 18th, 2020

Meet The Succulent Sisters

Enjoy irreverent mixed media work from San Antonio artist Michelle Trahan Carson.

To get a dinner party into full swing, it helps to a) Have a full bar cart and b) Make sure to get the guests mingling.

Give 'em something to gawk about by way of the work from local artist Michelle Trahan Carson's Off The Deep End collage series. Her works, which stem from her passion for history and love of old family photos, are a mix of paint and collage to create mind-bending takes on classic imagery and archetypes. Her delightful imagination takes you from trios of lipstick ladies, below, and fox-headed business women to breakfast-obsessed couples and a spaghetti face. In addition to the framable series, we love her succulent sister cards and old school yearbook iPhone cases

Let the conversation begin. 

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