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December 1st, 2009

It's A Sign

We're hooked on Soular Therapy System, and you won't have to read your horoscope to find out the scent that matches your sign.

Your horoscope had you hopeful your blind date was the one, then convinced if you quit your job and followed your dreams, all would be right in the world. And look how _that_ worked out.

Turn instead to locally-owned Soular Therapy System. We love their Astrological Aromatherapy, a line of soy candles and essential oils matched to your Zodiac. There's even a unique Celestial Body Wash for every sign. No need to move the planets – their handy online guide tells you what color, fragrances and all-natural flower extracts you align with, leaving you feeling refreshed and indulged.

Remember, be nurturing to all you encounter today. Except that jerk who never called.


_Available at AMAR Cosmetics._

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