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February 27th, 2019

How To Clean Naked

Arouse your inner clean freak with earth-friendly products from Supernatural.

You're told it takes elbow grease to really clean your house. 

Since that term grosses you out, turn to Supernatural, the new Texas-based line of cleaning products that do the hard work for you in the most eco-forward way. The collection flew off the internet when covered by Goop, and now it's back in stock. Encouraging you to play alchemist, the starter kit in cool mirrored packaging has four reusable glass spray bottles and four conscious concentrate vials that you'll add to filtered water and shake together to get ready to tackle your granite countertops, microwave, mirrors, tile and hardwood floors. All-natural, sustainable ingredients like invigorating fir, restorative basil and calming lavender have been fine-tuned to get the dust and grit off in the safest way. Their naked-people ad campaign encourages you to save the world's butt.

We're going streaking. 

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