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January 11th, 2010

Feather Your Nest

Your place will sing with style with a flock of these white aviary vases.

A little birdie told us your house is in need of a mini-makeover, stat. That futon from college you're still offering guests, and the '80s lamp you try to pull off as vintage-kitsch? Puh-lease.

Consider a set of these adorable earthenware aviary vases from one of our fave local gifts-and-accessories sites, Blonde Birdie. At $12 each, they'll make your space positively sing with style, and you'll finally be able to display fresh blooms in something other than a Perrier bottle. A few well-selected accessories can transform a room – these beauties might even distract from that rickety Ikea shelf you pass off as a "wine rack."

We know why this caged bird sings. Your place is no longer a total embarrassment.


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