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August 3rd, 2018

What West Texas Tastes Like

Sip the mythical spirit, Desert Door Texas Sotol.

You've been on a frosé diet all summer and from the tight fit of your cut-offs, it's basically backfired.

Take a break from the frozen calories and switch your sip to Desert Door at their Hotel Emma event tomorrow (see below). With a distillery in Driftwood, the newly-launched sotol, made from the Desert Spoon plant that's native to West Texas, is quickly turning heads not only for the clean smoky taste, but also for the beautiful thick blue bottles with gorgeous gold script that you'll want to turn into bar cart decor. Next time you're in the Austin area, sample the original version or the 100-proof Desert Door Oak-Aged varietal at the distillery and tasting room from darling copitas made by Austin-based Karacotta Ceramics. 

If the spirit moves you. 

Desert Door will be showcased at Hotel Emma's Behind the Glass series TOMORROW, Tuesday, August 7, from 6 - 7 p.m. Ryan Campbell, one of the founders, will be there to answer questions and provide tastings. Snag your $10 ticket ASAP.

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