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July 18th, 2018

You Had Us At Hempanadas

Meet San Antonio's first hemp cafe.


Dab Hemp Cafe
105 Warren St.
San Antonio

The most adventurous thing you've done lately was try the half dip manicure trend. And immediately regretted it. 

Get back on the try-something-new horse at Dab Hemp Cafe. Pop through the turquoise door of the petite space to give a go to a menu that features items made from hemp seed. As you sip nitro cold brew or hemp coffee - with the option to ask for a few extra drops of CBD oil - nosh sweet potato "hempanadas" and baked goods from La Popular Bakery and sip house-made juices with giggle-inducing names like Watermelon Kush, take in the quirky decor like framed photos of presidents passed wearing bandanas. You may even find a organic lip tint to take home. 

Where you'll spend the night weeding through your next adventure list.

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