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January 2nd, 2010

Chap Your Hide

Get cowgirl-chic with boot adornments from The 2 Bandits. (One of the designers is a Texan.)

What is it about cowboys? A man mentions a steer or a ranch, and you're ready to let him into your saddle.

You'll never pull off spurs, so try roping him in with these boot adornments from The 2 Bandits. A Texan is behind the company that turns out ridiculously cute adjustable "bandits" for any style of boot. Slide the metallic Sunday or Moondance around your over-the-knees, or the chain link riders around your basic browns. (Next month, the Bandits will unveil riders at Target.) Rock the bohemian Stevie or Bianca on your slouchy booties, or choose the Navajo-inspired prints and gold feather charms to get Rodeo-chic.

Ride him, cowgirl.

Available at Enid target="_blank">The Violet Hour in Fredericksburg.


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