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April 1st, 2019

To Stir With Love

Send out some lovely cocktail themed mail from Scriptura.


5423 Magazine St.
New Orleans

Long before Insta took over our lives, there was a post that ruled the world: Emily Post. 

Nothing could make you want to return to the good ol' days of keeping in touch more than the darling writing and drinking correspondence cards from Scriptura. Printed by hand on an antique press, the luxe cotton paper beauties will make you want to practice your penmanship. Each set comes with six cards, two of each design, and feature an illustration of a classic cocktail - a Sazerac, Old Fashioned and French 75 - along with a recipe elegantly written on the envelope liners. 

Now you'll just need to figure out how to create emojis in calligraphy. 

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