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February 18th, 2020

All Hail The Glitter Goddesses

Scout sparkles for all your costuming needs at Nola Craft Culture.


Nola Craft Culture
127 S. Solomon St.
New Orleans

During Carnival your diet consists mainly of glitter. 

No one understands this better than Nola Craft Culture. The female crew behind the concept has stockpiled an assortment of sparkles that will see you all the way through Fat Tuesday. Making your hunt super simple, their grouped categories range from wearable glitter to tinsels and honeycombs to funky biodegradables. Take your costuming up a notch with the expansive selection of every color, size and shape you can imagine. The Mid-City shop also hosts a variety of workshops on oh-so Crescent City topics like sno-ball and ice cream shoe decorating

Totally satiating your appetite for shimmer. 

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