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July 30th, 2020

Now Open :: JAMNOLA

Explore JAMNOLA, an immersive art pop-up that opens this weekend, celebrating quintessential New Orleans culture.


2832 Royal St.
New Orleans

Bars closed indefinitely? You need a pick-me-up. 

Get an instant moodlift at JAMNOLA, an experiential pop-up that celebrates the cultural gems that make our one-of-a-kind city sparkle and shine. Opening this Sat, Aug 1, the 12-room exhibit features the wow-worthy work of local artists, weaving through an immersive wonderland where you'll gawk at spinning blinged-out umbrellas, sit in tubs of giant crawfish, mount a sequined gator and visit the spirit trees where you'll write your goals and dreams on sticky notes for the wall. From go-cup portraits and costume closets to a room made up of 22,000 recycled beads (pictured right) mirrored ceilings and wallpaper from Flavor Paper (born in the Bywater), you'll be fully entrenched in awe. 

Make it a double. 

Top image: @klqueen49. Bottom image: @lenoxhill101

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