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July 4th, 2009

Fleur de Tee

For the cutest cheat sheets this side of the Mississippi, check out the t-shirts from "Fleurty Girl":http://www.fleurtygirl.net:new.

With phrases like "Where y'at?" and "makin' groceries", a visitor might need a translator to understand some of the lingo 'round these parts. Even if you get the sayings down, trying to get the correct pronunciation down (Chop a two' les) is a whole other headache.

Check out these cute cheat-sheet tees from Fleurty Girl. Created by NOLA native Lauren Thom, this collection of wearable-wikipedia breaks down the language barrier. Bring out your inner kiddo by sporting a super soft Shoot da Chute shirt or represent with a Pontchartrain choo-choo train tee.

If they can't understand the words comin' out of your mouth, maybe you should just let your clothes do the talkin'. For true.


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