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August 7th, 2019

Yes Way Spray

Upgrade your locks with luxe beauty products from Byredo.


Sunday Shop
2025 Magazine St.
New Orleans

There are some rushed hair days that even a full can of dry shampoo can't fix. 

Give your tresses a little extra love with Byredo hair perfume, available locally at Sunday Shop. The quick fix is available in three scents you've come to love from the luxury brand's perfumes - floral Blanche, citrusy Bal d'Afrique and sandalwood meets cedarwood Mojave Ghost. A little spritz goes a long way to add a lovely smell to your unkempt crown and even a touch of shine and softness. Beauty bonus: the sleek, minimalist packaging makes for an on-the-go solution that's as chic as it is essential.

Your cheveux will thank you.  

Photo: DORÉ

Score 20% off all Byredo hair perfumes, candles and perfumes at Sunday Shop now through this Sunday, August 11. Tell 'em Tidbits sent ya! 

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