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March 10th, 2008

What You Really, Really Want

Austin mom and designer Tori Alvarado's *POSH* diaper bags are fun, funky and best of all, functional.

When it comes to fashionable parents, we can't compete with the Beckhams, although a little spice in our everyday get-up can make even the frumpiest of moms feel posh.

Austin mom and designer Tori Alvarado designs diaper bags and totes to brighten the moods of matronly moms in a fashion rut. Her savory styles range from funky to refined, and each piece in her POSH collection is fun and best of all, functional.

Eventually, spilled milk and smashed raisins will coat the floor of your favorite bag, but as long as your tote screams "fabulous," you and baby will be the spiciest girls on the block.

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