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July 15th, 2015

Sealed With a Kiss

Gratitude's never been easier with help from Thanks For Everything.

It's not that you're not thankful for all those wonderful baby gifts. It's just that you're more thankful for 30 blessed minutes of sleep.

Meet Thanks For Everything - a brilliant thank you note writing service that composes, prints and packages letters of gratitude to the generous souls behind your mounting pile of baby loot. You enter your list of presents and gift-givers, and the site gurus will compose witty missives that are printed with your choice of font (all of which could pass for actual handwriting). To make things more personal, you can select a stationery design like animals, footprints or a baby silhouette. Want to handwrite your own letters but too drained to find the words? They'll compose your text for you to copy onto your own stationery.

Leaving you with less time spent schmoozing and more time snoozing.

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