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January 27th, 2016

Heart Paper Scissors

Heirloom silhouette art from Patti Rishforth is like a moment frozen in time.

Of course you put family pictures up on the wall. It just happens to be on Facebook. 

Take care of the blank ones in your home with custom silhouettes by Patti Rishforth. The Houston artist uses traditional scissoring techniques and her uncanny talent for working with wiggly kids to create vintage-inspired artwork in three minutes flat. You can make an appointment for a sitting or you just email her a pic - either way you'll receive a personalized work of art cut from archival French black paper, and mounted on acid-free white mat. Beauty lies in the stark contrast, which calls attention to every sweet detail — flyaway curls, upturned eyelashes, chubby baby chins — the way no photograph could. If you love it enough she'll make it into a custom product like this sweet coffee mug.
It's the perfect way to curate your timeline.

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