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January 11th, 2014

Make Dinner, Not War

Gobble goblet.

Pasta with butter. Vertically sliced and peeled apples. Nothing with a hint of a tomato anywhere. Sound familiar? 

Turn to Dinner A Love Story, a life-changing cookbook and extension of the popular blog with the same name. More "in the trenches" memoir than cookbook, this page-turner highlights the different stages of motherhood while detailing gourmet goodness that even your kids will okay on their plates. Author Jenny Rosenstarch (formerly with Cookie and Real Simple mags), opens the door to her own kid-filled kitchen and gives you nearly 120 recipes and countless creative strategies to inspire you to survive all the ups and downs of feeding your family.

We recently caught up with Jenny to get a taste of what she's saying and serving...

{ See the full interview here. }

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