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March 15th, 2017

Raise The Bar (Stool)

Convert any chair into a booster chair with KABOOST.

Spilled milk from the gallon jug. Help with the dishes. Potty training. 
On Junior's quest to become a big kid, the amount of paper towels you've used is staggering. 
For a fuss-free way to practice being a grown up, there's KABOOST. An alternative to bulky high chairs and boosters, KABOOST goes under the chair to raise the height and make the chair more stable, so little kids can sit like big kids. The portable and compact design means that it can be attached to the bottom of virtually any 4-legged chair - including round, curvy, and straight legs - and the whole set up literally takes under a hot minute. 
Which is less time then it takes to Amazon Prime a pack of Bounty.

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