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July 20th, 2016

Dear Doctor's Office...

All-natural Handzies make cleaning up on the go a breeze.

Dear Doctor's Office,
Thanks so much for your awesome idea to put communal toys in the waiting room. Those colored wooden beads that go up and down on a big block are so easy to share with all of the other kids who are there with the flu. Even the kids with strep throat and fever seem to enjoy themselves! That one kid whose cough sounded like a barking seal was especially sweet to share the board book he was chewing on with my daughter.  
We really enjoyed our wait, but I'm not planning on being back anytime soon - since I've got my secret weapon: Handzies. The individually-packaged wipes were developed by an Austin mom and are made with the old-fashioned goodness of natural castile soap, water and essential oils that give us a safe, simple, natural way to get clean (and kill germs) on the go. 
The wipes also came in handy after digging through the same sticker bin that every kid digs through to get their sticker. 
A prepared mother

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