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September 7th, 2016

Heart of Gold

Golden Thread offers kid's jewelry that shines.

Once upon a time there was a mother that taught her daughter that although a prince charming might be nice, her little girl could also be plenty charming herself.
For fairy tale feminists everywhere there's Golden Thread. With a variety of monogrammed pendants, diamond and birthstone embellishments, intricate charms, stackable bracelets, and personalized earrings and rings, offered in yellow, white and rose gold, the Houston jewelry line takes iconic designs and gives them a modern tweak resulting in stunning but simple pieces that are sure to charm the heart of any girl. From heirloom gifts to everyday wear (prices start at $20 and go up to $495), the Golden Thread baby and child collection is your one stop shop for all things royally gorgeous.
Happily ever after begins now.  

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