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June 15th, 2016


DOGO is your one-stop shop for fostering a green thumb.

Just when you began rejoicing that you were done with diapers, Junior moved into his mud-is-amazing phase. 
Parenting is a dirty business.
Grow his latest obsession with DOGO gardening supplies. The extensive collection includes child-size tools, pots, watering cans and other finds for budding landscapers. Rakes, spades, trowels and forks are sturdy enough to go deep for an earthworm dig, but light enough for little fingers to handle. For brightening up his bedroom windowsill, your little sprout can plant seeds in vibrantly colored pot and saucer sets (we like them mixed and matched). In addition to tools, there are mini aprons and gloves to keep the mess to a minimum.
You’ll totally dig that.

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