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January 27th, 2016

10 Reasons to Take Your Kids to ACL

Austin City Limits Music Festival brings huge upgrades for families.

They think queso is a food group. 
They wear flip flops in December.
When asked which is better - ACL or Christmas morning? - they have a seriously hard time answering. 
All are ways you know you're raising kids from Austin.
As this year marks the 15th anniversary for the Austin City Limits Music Festival, there are now more amenities and improvements catering to kids than ever before. Here are our top 10 reasons to bring your little music lovers along to your favorite 3-day festival. 
Queso, here we go.
Kidbits' Top 10 Reason To Bring The Kids To ACL This Year:
10. No more primitive porta potties. All of the restrooms available at the park this year will be upgraded to environmentally friendly, flushable toilets. 
9. 32 Food vendors, offering ridiculously delish options like the Mighty Cone or a Tiff's Treat ice cream sandwich, will keep little tummies happy. 
8. A new family-friendly entrance directly off of Barton Springs gets you directly into Austin Kiddie Limits. Stroller lanes at both main gates will also make your entry to Zilker a cinch.  
7. More glorious shaded spots. Kiddie Limits has moved this year to the super-shaded southeast area of the park and more shade structures are planned thoughout Zilker, giving families more places to escape the sun. 
6. Speaking of keeping cool, CamelBak stations throughout the park will have free water and misting stations are on hand to hydrate and refresh little rockers. 
5. Not only is there one stage dedicated to kid rock, Austin Kiddie Limits features 17 unique experiences like making tote bags, joining a drum circle, getting punk hairdos, recording a freestyle rap song and posing in a photo booth.
4. This year the fest is amping up the Tag-a-Kid program by providing an RFID bracelet to every kid signed up at the Tag-a-Kid tent. The digital tracking device will provide a quick and easy way to reunite families if a child gets separated in the crowd.    
3. Kids under 10 get in FREE with their wristband-wearing parents. 
2. The MUSIC. Seriously, have you seen this year's lineup?
1. Rockstar parent status: 100%.

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