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September 23rd, 2015

In A Tights Spot?

Your extracurricular activity is hauling kids to extracurriculars.

Monday is soccer. Tuesday, ballet. 
Wednesday is art. Thursday, match play.
And on Friday you schlep all over town to get the necessary equipment, uniforms and supplies to keep your kids busy the rest of the week.
Or you could hit up Afterschool.com and take the day off. The one-stop shop takes the hassle out of outfitting your extracurricular superstars. From ballet slippers to basketballs, the site carries every possible item you'll need, and with two-day (or sooner) delivery, goods arrives in time for class even if you order at the last minute. Shop by age or activity - checklists ensure you won’t forget bloomers, mouthguards or other essentials that may have otherwise slipped your mind.
Now you can be busy without breaking a sweat. 

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