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May 13th, 2015

In It To Zen It

Abby Nagler, co-owner of The Little Yoga House, teaches us how do yoga with our kids.

Your kids are all for bending and stretching... when it comes to the truth about how the bag of 400 mini marshmallows ended up all over the playroom.  
Encourage more "om" and less "oops" with the help of yoga for kids. To get the scoop on how and why we should be practicing tree pose with our little sprouts, we turned to Abby Nagler (pictured left with her partner, An Dang and her daughter), co-owner of The Little Yoga House, a darling kid-centered yoga studio in central Austin. She tells us everything from why post-natal practice is so important to kid friendly routines that bring "zenergy" into your home...
What inspired you to create The Little Yoga house?
I was inspired by the idea that I could combine my love of yoga and kids under one roof and create a space that kids felt was their own. I taught in a few adult yoga studios when I first began teaching kids and felt a disconnect from the kids. They were intimidated upon entering the space and that affected their behavior in class. My business partner An and I wanted to create an environment where kids felt completely comfortable to be themselves as well as a safe and magical space for kids and families to share this amazing practice! 

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