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March 18th, 2015

Cynthia Rowley Wants to Throw Your Kid's Next B-Day Party

Sweet things are made of these party supplies from Cynthia Rowley's CuRious Candy shop.

Despite her occasional use of sarcasm (thanks a lot, Disney Channel), your little darling is more sugar than spice. So it only stands to reason that her birthday party should be just as sweet.
For a magical experience, NYC kids can host a fête at Cynthia Rowley's Wonka-esque styled candy shop, CuRious Candy. If you don't live in the Big Apple, never fear: all of the shop's party supplies - from the gorgeous paper plates and napkins to the festive piñatas, pictured, and sparklers, and even the unique candy offerings - are available at a one-stop trip online leaving less to do on your plate.
And more room for cake. 

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