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May 18th, 2016

Rocking Paper and Scissors

Crafting made simple from Chloe Fleury.

Some of us see a craft project tutorial and think, "Oh great! A DIY!" Others of us see the same instructions and think "Oh great! A freakin' DIY."
Whether you're in camp crafter or camp slacker, you'll appreciate the genius of Chloe Fleury. The mother of two - who is also a renowned illustrator, stylist and prop artist - has created the most brilliantly original paper animal heads that are perfect for sprucing up your walls. From bunnies and kittens to elephants and flamingos (pictured), you'll find a variety of fun faces and colors just waiting to add pop to a room. Hooray - the paper kits are mailed flat and are super easy to assemble.
So they won't leave you thinking "D. I. WHYYYYY?"  

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