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May 17th, 2018

You Willie Need This Painting

Local artist Anne Genung uses mixed media to pay tribute to Luckenbach's legend.

You grew up hearing Willie crooning about mamas and babies and cowboys, and he's been branded on your heart ever since.
Give the man who made braids and bandanas hip a permanent place to hang his hat when you buy a piece of pop art from local Anne Genung. Using magazine clippings so logos like Longchamp peek out beneath her favorite subject, she depicts Willie as a nutcracker, as Batman, as Axel Rose and in a feathered headress. Her latest fiberboard-based work shows Willie as a super fan of our Astros. There are several Willies available at Birch Modern Mercantile - in round and square shapes.
Think of it as a toke of your affection. 

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