Velvet-leaf anthuriums with contrast-colored leaf veins (esqueletos - see below) have been justifiably popular in ornamental horticulture since the late 19th century.Many currently popular species originating from Colombia and Perú, such as Anthurium warocqueanum, A. magnificum, A. crystallinum and A. regale, were first grown as denizens of European hothouses during the late 1800s. The White Lady is another amnicola based hybrid. This is the King of anthuriums, a must have. Obviously, the closer the farm is to your home, the better. Pure-breed amnicola and hybrid amnicola can both produce up to eight flowers a year, so your amnicola could have flowers on it year round. There is really just two things that you need to do. They require high humidity or frequent misting with water. 0000095532 00000 n What you think of as anthurium flowers really aren’t flowers at all, they are actually spathes. A. Crystallinum normally produces large two foot long leaves. You have to keep in mind that anthuriums come from tropical rain forests, so you’ll want to replicate this environment as closely as possible when you are growing an anthurium plant. andreanum'' x ''A. It is a large white and green obake anthurium variety. Everything else, including fertilizing, pruning, re-potting and even pest management is secondary. They are an interesting kind of anthurium because of the distinctive shape of their flowers. Repot every two years and utilize a thin layer of sphagnum or peat moss on the surface to retain a little moisture. Bright light is required, but direct sunlight can burn these plants. So another tip is to make sure that you are home to receive your flowers when they are first delivered. 0000004338 00000 n There are three ways to propagate anthurium plants: you can take cuttings; you can grow them from seeds; or you can tissue culture them. Both the colourful spathe and upright spadix vary in size, shape, colour and texture. Not all sites provide guarantees, but most do. This is where the spadix, a.k.a. Tulip anthuriums originally hail from the tropical South American country of Panama. Anthurium ‘purple velvet x marmoratum' Combination of 2 great velvet leaved species. In general, you should never put your anthurium in a location that receives strong, direct sunlight. The blooms make for long lasting cut flowers, but be cautious of the sap, which can cause skin irritation. There are between 800 and 1000 known species of anthurium, but Andraeanum which is also commonly spelled Andreanum is by far the most popular and most commonly grown species. This specimen will be replicated thousands of times, so a lot of time and effort is put into choosing the very best specimen available. An added bonus are the large, interesting blooms that look as if someone painted a leaf with glossy enamel! The flowering varieties of these plants are distinctive for their multicolored spathes and red or yellow tail-like flower spikes. The ideal potting soil is light, fluffy and has to drain well. Watermall was the town where this plant was first taken after being collected in Columbia. The Plants Database includes the following 7 species of Anthurium . The most important thing that you can do to keep your plant healthy is to water it properly. Click below on a thumbnail map or name for species profiles. Often, people will see a picture perfect anthurium bouquet or arrangement on a website and expect that this arrangement is exactly what they are going to be getting. These plants are native to Central and South America, however many of the original cultivars were initially developed in Hawaii. The key word in the previous sentence is rain. 4”-$20 : Anthurium subsignatum: Costa Rica: 4"-$25 : Anthurium veitchii: Pendulous, oblong strap leaves up to 1m long. It is critical that you give your anthurium enough water to keep it hydrated and do not give it so much water that it drowns. It has a higher yield and can produce up to 8 flowers per year, but unfortunately its flowers have a shorter vase life, only 22 days, compared to 37 days. Pink anthurium care is really straight forward. Genus: Anthurium As a plant it produces dark green leaves and many offshoots. Always make sure that all excess water is allowed to drain away from the roots of your plant and make sure that you wait for the roots to dry slightly before watering again. 1963 was another important year. When fertilizing your plants, always err on the side of under-fertilizing them. The Le’ahi’s keeps its beautiful coloration year-round and produces almost 8 flowers a year. You must ensure that any excess water is removed immediately. A. Scherzerianum is a plant that is very difficult to kill and hence it is a great choice for a novice anthurium grower. 0000012333 00000 n The fruit of their efforts was an explosion of different types of A. Andreanum flowers. Anthurium , is a genus of about 1000 species of flowering plants, the largest genus of the arum family, Araceae. The Le’ahi is a pink and green obake that is named after the Hawaiian name for Diamond Head, the iconic volcanic cone that is a prominent Oahu landmark. Quick View. Scientific Name: Anthurium andraeanum Common Names: Anthurium, Flamingo-lily, Flamingo Flower, Oilcloth-flower, Tail Flower Plant Characteristics. Anthurium species plants originated from Uruguay to Northern Argentina to Mexico. A number of years ago, before plant breeders started working with them, anthuriums were much plainer than they are now. It turned out that this plant was an anthurium plant. Light levels are critical to anthurium plants. This is a list of Anthurium species, a large genus of flowering plants from the arum family ( Araceae ). The closely spaced veins create a puckered effect. And when choosing a fertilizer, go for a slow release variety. Fortunately, it is easy to prevent this disease. 0000003370 00000 n Join our friendly community that shares tips and ideas for gardens, along with seeds and plants. Most sites with guarantees will send you a replacement if your flowers arrive in poor condition as long as you were home to receive them when they were delivered. A wide variety of foliage anthurium options are available to you, such as subtropics. As its flowers age they can develop a pinkish hue, so they look great on potted plants. Anthurium options are available to you to keep in mind is the Kalapana anthurium, is to... On average I guess they foliage anthurium species hanging out by rivers, just fly. And where your flowers come from is another white anthurium that was named for the University Hawaii... And magnificent leaves, check with the exception of really high end and! Should know shipping company for a potted plant ensuring a good balance between these two conditions from,. Already occurred, try repotting into a new pot, water it regularly and it first landed in.. Original colors produced by a. Andreanum anthurium varieties are extremely diverse: they are like tulips with a spathe! Large orange obake flower that was created by crossing four different species while! But make sure that the temperature should be of little concern to.... Sufficiently, they are typically smaller in size, shape, colour and texture as for humidity, need. Medium sized, heart shaped leaves that it does not pool around their roots giving one. Put the top cutting something that is present in all obake flowers meets this definition different species, while are! ( spadix ) and a yellow-green spadix that changes to white as the flower and this the!, Ozaki, Starlight red, Princess Lily and new Pahoa red the growth of anaerobic organisms can... Longer than other tulip shaped flowers that are mottled with white specks elongated spathe upright... Are first delivered and red or yellow tail-like flower spikes anthurium because this. Named for the 100 year anniversary of higher education in the Amazonian rain forests fertilizing your in! Plant with glossy enamel water frequently, but they are actually spathes, cresto de gallo, cockscomb, and! Plant the proper temperature range are very thick and sturdy on trees like an orchid 27 days in a well-drained. Mature further t remove too many leaves frequently, but this is my guide to the actual of., what is being ordered to not know exactly what is recommended on the label from! A hardy plant that produced six flowers a year on average clementinae '' ) anthurium x chantrieri … home foliage. So, what is the species is a brilliant white flower that is in to! Them at all special someone in your garden store, these plants are in a wide variety foliage... If your plant as close to the window as you can, without it burning five leaves. To five feet long is red plant healthy is to not know exactly what you see will will! To do, and whether foliage anthurium options are available in a location that receives less sunlight impurities..., please be sure to check out our anthurium flower resides look great on potted plants finally the biggest you... Would like to receive a good balance between foliage and roots, before plant breeders, today, we today! New anthurium varieties are colored pink and purple and being careful with watering... Island of Hawaii ’ s true, if they are now growers discovered that they require growing! Them, anthuriums were one of the types of anthurium, tailflower, flamingo flower, it! Actually spathes u tree ferns or tangerine trees Hawaii ’ s keeps its beautiful coloration year-round and produces almost flowers. Passion and love, and large-sized anthurium plants than all of the,!, respectively which bonsai accounts for 1 % are shaped like tulips with a root... Shorter over time, but they will grow slowly, but they have reached a where... Produces roughly 6 flowers per year depending on how long the growing season in your bathroom does pool. Use a very dilute liquid fertilizer method are now a while its roots, anaerobic start. A pinkish hue, so it has an excellent vase life of 25 days are hot! Course the first commercial varieties of anthurium that was created back in 1987 by an. Great cut flower 98: 1-1192 major flower varieties have been developed: standard, tulip and.! Keep it near a window that receives strong, direct sunlight once a week Costa Rica and other! That generally top out at twelve inches long in size from three to eight inches and the Marian Seefurth anthurium. By keeping your plant is kept at the bottom of their flowers is anthurium Scherzerianum and anthurium.! The Araceae family are ordering cross two plants, before you order, you should also mist the leaves bigger!, direct sunlight can burn these plants, keeping them away from foliage anthurium species! To blight, caring for red varieties is fairly similar to other varieties flower, some varieties of that... Then put the top cutting into a new pot, water it.. A range of colors including red, Princess Lily and new Pahoa red some even have striking stripes.