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July 2nd, 2013

The Eyes Have It

Runway worthy makeup tips for real world women.

Gabbana, Versace, Iman, Naomi. With a resume like that, we couldn't resist hitting the makeup counter with Sedrique LynnVon Olison. Here, the skinny on the celeb makeup artist's summer beauty tips, the real trick to applying liquid liner and why the women in his beloved home base of Denver are the ones he finds flawless...

This summer, every girl should try wearing...
Yellow. Or any vibrant sherbet color.

What makes Denver girls beautiful?
Natural beauty. Women here don't wear much makeup, which allows the natural beauty of each individual woman to shine through.

How often do you really have to throw out your makeup brushes?
This is kind of complex. With proper care and the purchase of good quality 'virgin sheared' brushes, disposing of your brushes could actually be years down the road. [It varies] from person to person. I have brushes that I have had for years and I do mean years! I feel that those brushes have just gotten better over time for the purposes needed.

Spill it. What's the trick to applying liquid eyeliner?
Putting the 'wings' or your ending point on the outer corner of each eye first. Make sure they are visually even, then starting at the inner corner of the eye, apply the liquid liner to connect to the ending point. Note: Make sure you fill the color to the eyelashes. Adjust the thickness according to your eye shape or the occasion.

Every woman should own...
Tweezers!  A nicely tailored brow can even give a no makeup face a clean, polished look. Also, tinted moisturizer. Quick, easy and effortlessly evens out the skin. 

What's the #1 mistake women make when wearing red lipstick?
The over application of blush and eye makeup. I suggest keeping eyes and cheeks more neutral, thus leaving the red lips as the feature.

Best splurge? And best drugstore buy? 
The #1 splurge I think everyone should have is a quality skincare line. When I teach makeup techniques, I've always referred back to when I paint on canvas. If you prep the canvas right, anything you apply on top applies much easier, more vibrant and you don't need as much. Drugstore buy: St. Ives Apricot Scrub. 

What celeb are you dying to work with?
Halle Berry. In my words I think she's "wicked beauty."

For appointments, contact Sedrique at sedriqueolison@gmail.com

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