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June 9th, 2015

Now Open :: Rado Distilling

Rado Distilling taps the cocktail keg in Arvada.


Rado Distilling
5405 W 56th Ave.
Unit C

You've shaken and stirred so many drinks lately that you swear you're suffering from carpal tunnel. 

Lucky for you, Rado Distilling has tapped the keg on mixed sips. The just-opened Arvada distillery is making #itsnotrum liquor, then kegging it in cocktail form for easy and breezy boozing. The light and sweet spirit, processed and distilled in Colorado, is made with locally-grown beets in lieu of cane sugar making it some of the freshest medicine to imbibe statewide. Get a keg of the Mint Mojito or the Moscow Mule-esque Denver Donkey for your at-home shindig or, for a smaller crowd, visit their tasting room and order a hand-mixed treat like the Red Rocks with strawberry and mint.

No wrist work required.

Photo: Mae Interior Design

If you like a chilled mixed drink in the park or at the pool, check out Rado Distilling's canned cocktails. Easy to pack and allowed where glass bottles aren't, these goodies are available at the distillery and coming soon to local retail outlets.

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