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February 19th, 2018

Because Green Thumbs Don't Go With Your Manicure

Low maintenance succulents from Urban Spikes are the modern way to gift green.

Your bestie just got the job she's been after for the past two boyfriends. 

Celebrate her achievements by making her desk the talk of the office with a pretty little present from Urban Spikes. Each gorgeous and artistic botanical design from the local female-owned concept is as cool to give as it is easy to maintain. Spruce up her space with the contemporary, eye-catching Commerce Accent or add some pop to her filing cabinets with a peppy and vibrant Floyd cacti mix that can last up to six months on compliments alone. She can even pick up a few replacement plants to add her own flair. The little lovelies are available for pick-up or delivery within the metroplex. 

So much better than a packet of motivational pencils. 

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