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May 5th, 2020

Juice Couture

Roots Juices launches a completely-customized pack of cold pressed goodness for your healthy habits.

When the quarantine started, your liquid diet was entirely booze based. 

Now that you're ready to return to healthier ways, you can opt into Roots Juices' brand new option to customize your own 10-pack of juices. Fill out the quickie questionnaire to select your ideal assortment of ingredients—ranging from ginger, kale, cayenne to lavender, dandelion and turmeric, then pick and choose from health benefits and flavor profiles like spicy or sweet. You can even choose the color of your finished product. Give the local team a few hours to get your order pressed and you'll be ready to sip to your health. Curbside pickup and free same day delivery available. 

You can't beet that. 

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