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January 9th, 2013

Lena On Me

Locks office smash.

Every time you watch Girls, you're convinced they created the characters based on your four personality types. If only your hair looked as flawless while you navigated poverty and heart break...

Just in time for Sunday's premiere, The Hair Bar opens a brand new location in Preston Hollow - take $15 off a blowout with today's Tidbits Treat. Use the iPad menu to choose a look and libation that matches your inner character (below, from left to right) at either the Dallas or Southlake location.

Marnie Her trench coat collection is as enviable as her gallery job. Make artist-types swoon with a sleek Classic With Volume 'do.

Hannah On days when you you swing between fun, moody and creative four times before lunch, you need the Curl to transform with the randomness of your day. 

Shoshanna Feeling like a hot mess? Before you, ahem, crack under pressure, straighten yourself out with the polished Classic.

Jessa Get touchable, imperfect waves with the Tousled style that turns the walk of shame into a catwalk. 

Book your $20 blowout (regularly $35) at The Hair Bar - your service includes a shampoo and style of your choice, plus champagne, wine or a mimosa. (Use through February.)

Gather your girls - you're invited to check out the sleek new location of The Hair Bar on Thursday, January 24th, from 6 - 8 p.m. at a cocktail party.

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